DEC steam turbine Coil MFJ1 4T

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DEC steam turbine Coil MFJ1-4T
Deyang YOYIK is a professional commitment to the generator sets of spare parts, parts of the high-tech companies. YOYIK to DEC as the basis, and the East steam, East Electric, East pot, Oriental Areva and other units extensive and close cooperation for our customers to provide the best quality valves, the characteristics of flexible movements, the role of reliable, work shock and vibration, Noise, long life, has been the majority of manufacturers of praise and praise.

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#DF-Coil MFJ1-4T-DF
pp pleated filter cartridge SGLQ-6000A
dc vane pump F320V5A1C22R
LVDT Sensor 191.36.09(1).03 0±50.8mm
rotation sensor CS-3F-L220-1
Tacho RPM sensor CS-1 D-065-02-01
Locator V18345-1010121001
Probe CWY-DO-813503
LVDT Measurement C9231122
turbine speed sensor CS-3-M10-L70
radial piston pump PVH074R01AA(AB)10A250000002001AB0
temperature gauge sensor WZRK-105 ?5
lvdt working principle K151.36.06.004
radial piston pump PV2R3-94-RBAF1
lvdt displacement transducer DET350A
hydraulic oil filter cartridge HY-10-002
Hall Effect RPM/Speed Sensor NE6103
Hexagon tube plug Q/D9403 NPT2
centrifugal pump prices IHF80-50-200
Tacho RPM sensor ZS-04-75
thermocouple temperature sensor TE-213
Manual valve; EH oil inlet K151.33.01.01G01
lvdt full form 3000TDZ-B
multi cartridge filter housing STXX-250×5
rotational speed sensor XS12J3Y
Butterfly Valve D341X-10C
lvdt linear position sensor C9231125
Insulation pad Z1c001297S
Back Mount Bimetal Thermometer W07B0211A
linear variable displacement transducer B151.
linear displacement sensor A157.33.01.3
rpm sensor generator CS-1 G-065-02-01
angular displacement sensor HTD-350-6
lvdt sensor HL-3-50-15
lvdt 0-300 ZDET-300B
changeover valveactuatorservo valve MW01.Z.000693
screw pump manufacturer HSNH280-46N
Coil MFJ1-4T

thermocouple temperature meter WREK2-334 ?5mm
water filter housing SG-65/0.7
turbine speed sensor bme tcu K-SV01
lvdt displacement sensor TDZ-1E-023
Resistance Thermometers WRNK2-0901T ?5
hydraulic screw pump HSNH440-46NZ
globe throttle check valve LJC80C-4.0P
Guide bearing B 9LDTNA-4-006
displacement sensor sany DET1000A
Resistance thermometer W09A0167A
rtd sensor WZPK2-323 PT100
speed sensor location ZS-04-75-3000
variable vane pump F3-SV10-1P5P-00
hydraulic oil pumps 125LY-23
angular displacement sensor TDZ-1E-01A
hydraulic spin on return line filter HY-1-001
thermocouple replacement 8300.D1000Q-240000B007
Bi-metal Dial Thermometer W07A0612A
Thermocouple Control WREX-001
Gear rpm sensor NE6103
lvdt displacement transducer
Thermocouple Cylindrical sensor TE-108
pressure hose SMS-12-305mm-C
pt100 rtd WZPM2-08-150-M18-S
DP Transmitter D505/SD
water filter straw KLS-125T/60
LVDT Displacement Sensors K156.33.42.08G01
centrifugal pump vertical CZ65-200
filter cartridge FAX(NX)-250×1
Sheathed thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S15
non-contact displacement sensor ZD-10000TDA
lvdt linear position sensor 5000TD
vacum pump air vacuum P-1264
Magnetic Proximity Sensors TM0793V-M
aquarium water filter KLS-100L
mechanical seal in pump N0330/2100/K/M/506B
Coil MFJ1-4T


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Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co.,Ltd, (YOYIK) was established in 2000 and specialized in manufacturing spare parts for steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, turbine generators, hydraulic generators, boilers, Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearings, sealing material, insulation materials, wear-resistance material, pneumatic and hydraulic components including filters, pumps and valves, Hydrogen gas, Sealing oil, Stator cooling water system, Excitation system, electric motor repairing as well as all kinds of mechanical processing. YOYIK is the agent for Nugent, Hilco Hilliard, Sauer Danfoss, Titeseal, Eaton, 707. Business scope is not limited to Dongfang units, including many products for Harbin steam turbine (HTC), Harbin electric machine factory Co., Ltd (HEC), STC, SEC, Chengdu Power Machinery Works (CPMW), Shanghai Power Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd (SPEM), Shenyang Stock etc. YOYIK is the qualified supplier of Dongfang Steam Turbine works (DFSTW), Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd (DFEM), Areva Dongfang Reactor Coolant Pumps Co.,Ltd, China National Erzhong Group (CNEG). At same time YOYIK has provided a great deal of spare parts for Coal-fired plants, Hydraulic power stations, Nuclear power plants, Gas turbine power plants, Steel mills, Cement plants.. view more »

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