Delikon steel mill automation EMc shield heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit heavy series fleixble sheath flexible conduit fittings Where applications are within arduous areas then Delikon braided flexible conduit systems offer a complet

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Delikon steel mill automation EMc shield heavy series over braided flexible metal conduit,heavy series fleixble sheath flexible conduit fittings

Where applications are within arduous areas then Delikon braided flexible conduit systems offer a complete protection in addition to EMI screening and antistatic characteristics. They are suited to the most demanding environments and the metal outer braiding can be used to suit demanding conditions.
Typical application within automation using Braided Flexible Conduit systems include, pick-n-place robotics, material handling systems, conveyor and loading systems, inspection, measurement and test in addition to automated cleanroom installations.

Electric Flexible EMC shieldED metal conduits,steel wire braided
Electrical Braided Flexible METAL Conduit protecting heavy industry cables

Construction & Features

Braided flexible metal conduits are manufactured with metal wire over braiding, providing high mechanical strength and offering high flexibility. These flexible conduits, at full extension offer high tensile strength without elongation thus protection cables from being over-tensioned or stretched. These flexible conduits also provide a high level of EMI screening for data cables.

Braided flexible metal conduit is used for applications requiring high mechanical strength and flexibility. The overbraid will protect the inner conduit from damage caused by hot swarf or abrasion.

EMI manifests itself in many ways and can be conducted by radiation or through mains cable and earthing connections. The impact of this can be critical to the performance of vital equipment that may be used in many different market sectors – from hospitals and nuclear plants through to industry automation installations or establishments and many other demanding environments.

To provide superior protection and immunity from electromagnetic interference, Delikon has introduced the followinng complete line of Overbraided Flexible Conduit systems that could meet your wiring requirements:

A galvanised flexible steel conduit with stainless steel overbraid, making them particularly suitable for petro-chemical and heavy industrial applications. The overbraiding provides efficient EMC screening capability, which is rated at 60 dB at 1mHz. These braided flexible metal conduits are also well suited to applications within hazardous areas, MOD, Food and Healthcare industries.

This system affords high compression and crush strength as well as
impact resistance.

overbraided flexible steel conduit

overbraided flexible steel conduit,for heavy industry wirings

For Ship building

Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry wirings
Flexible metal conduit for ship & trains electrical wirings

overbraided flexible conduit

overbraided flexible conduit

overbraided flexible conduit

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We manufacture and export an extensive range of metallic electrical flexible conduits and protection hoses, connectors and conduit fittings for a variety of cable installations requiring motion, vibration & bending. They offer very good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors. Featuring: Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and fittings. Applications: For electrical wiring protections & cable managements where flexibility is necessary for installation, maintenance or where vibration and movement must be absorbed. Our electrical products are used in construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation, petrochemical industries, and telecom equipments. Main Customers: liquidtight conduit high performance hose liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit OEMs, electrical contractors, machineries manufacturers, ships & trains builders, automobiles manufacturers, petrochemical, electrical wholesale distributors, and importers. We also sell our products to manufacturers of wire harnesses, wire assemblies, and producer of electrical appliances. OEM Service: Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications. Send us your requirements and we will come up with the right solution for you. . view more »

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