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"Trade war" is one of the economic buzzwords of 2018,in March 2018, the President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum imposing tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States,this increased trade tensions and became another trade friction in the history of china-us trade,subsequently, the friction continued to escalate and set off a trade war between China and the United States. The imposition of tariffs and the decline of the exchange rate were "unexpected disasters" for some domestic enterprises with the United States as the main exporter.What are the export prospects of Chinese manufacturers in the trade war? What will happen to the domestic market?

Connector is the basic component of electronic system, which builds a communication bridge between circuits blocked in the circuit, and takes on the role of current or signal transmission,from low-end to high-end products, it can be said that connectors are needed everywhere there is a circuit connection, so the device is small, but very powerful.

According to the connector industry dynamic analysis results, China has thousands of connector manufacturers,the original tariff target proposed by the United States includes a series of connectors such as optical fiber and cable connectors,in order to understand the views of some domestic connector manufacturers on the market development and operation status under the trade war, the editor of this article has found the general manager of XKB manufacturer which was established earlier in China and won people's hearts with high cost performance.

Domestic brands replace imported brands, domestic brands standardization and branding,domestic brand connector is very promising.

China's connector industry started relatively late, and there is a certain gap in the international market compared with some European and American countries,some big manufacturers will have a better impression of some big manufacturers in the United States and Japan when purchasing. They will take these international leading brands into consideration first,and under the pressure of trade war, they feel that the domestic connector is hopeless.In fact, the connector market is huge and the demand is greater. China's connector has great development space in some fields.For example, in recent years, the international sales of domestic mobile phones have been brilliant. Connectors are inevitable components in mobile phones. The breakthrough of domestic mobile phones will drive the development of related industrial chains such as connectors and go abroad,in fact, the application of domestic connector on the phone has been very mature, not inferior to some international brands,
Our XKB USB connector production experience has more than 20 years, we completely ensure the quality, the quality of XKB products is excellent, waterproof and dustproof effect is more practical, on this basis we will also reform and progress to adapt to the upgrading of equipment and people's aesthetic needs, and we have advantages in delivery and price.In addition, we can transfer the international market and seek business opportunities from other exporting countries. In addition, in recent years, the technology content of all industries in the world has been increasing, and the overall demand for connectors will develop towards a higher technology level,therefore, China's connector brand out of the country, our connector manufacturers are very optimistic.

The domestic connector market is still huge under the trade war.

According to the general manager of XKB, in fact, the connector market is huge, and there is a great market support in China. Manufacturers and factories of consumer electronics and smart home can be concentrated in China. In addition, the connector market in China will not be neglected due to the demand of some emerging fields,XKB has also cooperated with some local e-commerce companies, such as lichuang mall. The service level is leading in China, and the logistics efficiency is guaranteed.XKB brand is still popular among major manufacturers in China, and it is also constantly consulted by customers.

The above is a visit to XKB manufacturer. It is said that XKB owns the database of foreign enterprises such as molex TE AMP, which is very convenient for customers to find alternative products, and can provide customers with better delivery time and unit price. It is believed that more and more enterprises will rely on XKB brand in the future.The trade war between China and the United States has a negative impact on China's economic development,but there is no denying that China's economy is becoming more and more developed and its national strength is becoming more and more powerful.

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