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The connector industry in mainland China has had a big advantage in the low-end market for years,connector manufacturers is developing in the direction of high- end products for that they realize it's not good always going the low-end market,and they want to meet more new industries that have a need for connectors,moreover,the production capacity of the global connector is constantly shifting to Asia and China,Asia is recognized as the most promising market for connectors,China has become the world's largest connector production base,it can be said that China's connector market has been expanding year by year,the level of innovation technology in the industry is worthy of expectation,connector industry has great potential for future development.

The hot connector products in the connector industry are automobile electronics, terminal communication and consumer electronics connectors,such as optical fiber connectors, USB connectors and so on,among them,waterproof Micro USB Connectors have their unique features,and they are favored by more manufacturers of electronic products.
Micro-USB connectors, have a similar width to Mini-USB, but approximately half the thickness, enabling their integration into thinner portable devices,the thinner Micro-USB connectors were introduced to replace the Mini connectors in devices manufactured since May 2007, including
smartphones,personal digital assistants,and cameras.The Micro plug design is rated for at least 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles, which is more than the Mini plug design.Micro-USB was endorsed as the standard connector for data and power on mobile devices.

As one of the most important connecting holes on the device,Micro-USB connectors must be strengthened to prevent dust and water.With the rapid update speed of electronic devices, more and more electronic devices on the market adopt waterproof Micro-USB connectors.The IP grade is getting higher, and the demand for waterproof Micro USB is getting greater,with the development of technology, there will be higher requirements for Micro USB in the future,high speed of signal transmission, small size of volume, narrow space, multi-function, convenience of plug and pull, upgrade of waterproof means, selection of new materials and low cost of products those all will become the focus of future attention.

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