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The emergence of hotels has a history of nearly 600 years since the embryonic Hotel appeared around 1400 A.D. in Britain. Although China was also the first country in the world to emerge hotels, the Beijing Hotel built in 1900 and the Chinese Hotel built on the Bund of Shanghai were the real representatives of the emergence of Chinese hotels. Since then, the hotel industry has begun to flourish. Especially since China's reform and opening up, the rapid development of the market economy and tourism economy has brought unprecedented opportunities to China's Hotel industry.

But at present, most hotels in China have the same design, lacking characteristics and creativity. Many star-rated hotels in major cities in China are strikingly similar in Hotel planning, architectural design, functional layout, interior style, materials, and techniques, resulting in exhaustion and inadequate competition, and causing a lot of losses to the state and investors. In fact, every hotel should have a completely different temperament and characteristics because of the different city, region, adjacent buildings, local human and ecological environment, different hotel management, different market positioning.

However, it is a common phenomenon in many hotels in China that interior design only emphasizes wall design and ignores the overall atmosphere. Hotel is a special building enclosed space, not only to meet the people's accommodation, catering requirements but also to meet the meeting, business, entertainment, fitness, and many other needs. It is not only a functional application but also a spiritual sublimation so that customers can experience cultural infection and artistic edification while staying in hotels. Most mid-level hotels in China are full of high-grade materials, and the decoration interface is extremely luxurious. But the overall atmosphere is not very ideal, and even makes people feel bauble.

At the same time, with the development of the information industry, we can find pictures, videos and comments of related hotels anytime and anywhere, which makes the hotel industry more and more demanding for decoration and services. At the same time, with the rise of major social platforms, operators urgently need to publicize their hotspots on public social platforms such as Tik Tok, Wechat and Weibo, which once made many hotels. Industry-related personnel wants to break their heads and even lost their way in Hotel operation.

In the past two years, "holographic hotel" and "Immersive project hotel" rely on laser projector technology, with a new style began to enter people's horizons, showing their prominence in the hotel industry. When a brand new thing begins to develop, people must have many doubts:

Is the projector reliable now?
With the development of science and technology, the former bulb projector has gradually declined, and laser projection has gradually occupied the market by virtue of its own technological advantages. In the past, the life of projectors was short, averaging 2000 to 3000 hours, and good projectors were only 4000 to 5000 hours. Because of the inevitable heat dissipation problem of the bulb machine, it could only be used for about 4 hours continuously. The Laser Projector of DHN had a life span of 20,000 hours, and it had no problem using 24*7 hours continuously. In addition, DHN's Lesser Projector uses a fully sealed dust-proof design and a liquid heat dissipation system to ensure that the projector will not cause too much loss to the life length of the machine itself under all-weather working conditions.

Is the cost of such decoration very high?
Traditional hotel decoration investment in human, material and financial resources is very large, in order to make the hotel unique, often need to invest more cost in design, but may not be able to achieve the desired results. The construction of a holographic hotel can be accomplished with only a few projectors, a fuse, and a computer. The wall does not need gorgeous decoration, and the white screen can be done well. Moreover, as long as a specific film source is made, different themes can be changed at any time and different styles of these hotels can be created, which is equivalent to having many different hotels at the same time.

Why choose the Laser Projector of DHN?
1. Brand Integration
DHN Laser Display Projector provides a complete set of technical solutions, with fusion and advertising system, which integrates control, integration, content, and publishing. The brand has a higher degree of professionalism. By using the advertisement publishing system in the hotel, a hotel information wall can be built on the prominent wall. The real-time information and various dynamic information in the hotel can be released in time for customers and staff to read. To a certain extent, it meets the needs of public announcement information. In addition, through WAN, the centralized management of multi-city terminal equipment and the unified release of programs can be carried out remotely, which can support the timing switch of equipment and truly achieve unmanned management.

2. Product differentiation
The product itself has a built-in fusion function and 17*17 grid correction function. Short-focus and ultra-short-focus lenses have a projection ratio as low as 0.25:1. A single projector installed at a distance of about 1 meter can project a large picture of 4 meters wide. Many unique advantages can ensure that customers want to create a variety of different effects. Make the difference between hotel and hotel more obvious, which is more conducive to the formation of their own brand unique style.

3. Brand Authority
DHN's aser project has passed a series of international certifications such as FCC, CE, CB and a series of domestic certifications such as 3C, ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System Certification). At the same time, it has also obtained a large number of relevant certificates in professional technology.

4. A large project design team
DHN's Lesser Projector has a professional project design team behind it. Years of on-site experience can enable them to provide corresponding project solutions to different needs of customers. Therefore, DHN's Lesser Projector not only has a large number of excellent cases in the catering and hotel industries but also in the exhibition, new media, new applications, education, government, and enterprise fields and has been widely recognized.

The development and management of modern hotels need convenience and efficiency. In order to highlight the characteristics of hotel management, we need to keep pace with the times. Under the background of the hotel industry with serious homogeneity nowadays, if we make timely use of high-tech transformation, we can play a very good positive role in meeting the personalized needs of customers.

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