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Hi all, anyone who’s in need of or advised by doctors to have Surrogacy done to have their own genetic baby where some Uterine health concerns of wife are there, CAN AVAIL SURROGACY SERVICES WITH US @ Dr PADMAJA SURROGACY HYDERABAD know. For the “Best Results in surrogacy in India”, and as “Low Cost Surrogacy Centre in India”, as the PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE onHealth Department of Govt of India has filed its report advising the Govt NOT TO BAN COMMERCIAL SURROGACY n NOT TO CONSIDER SURROGACY BILL, 2016 but pursue the comprehensive ART BILL already Drafted by P M Bhargava Committee and again the central government started deliberations on the same...AS SUCH THERE’s NO PROBLEM going ahead with Surrogacy for Domestic n NRI Indian Citizens as of now till any further decision taken by the Government of India....

THIS EXPLANATION is given to ANSWER ALL DOUBTS on the Present Existing Position on much debated Surrogacy Program as a last resort for desperate couples to have their own genetic baby...pls call JYOTSNA(PRO@PFC) on 7661017755 or BHARGAVI(PRO@PFC) on 7661086644 or DIVAKAR REDDY Pt Counsellor@PFC on 9848343244 for further guidance n clarity like costs n procedural details here....you may specially visit drpadmajasurrogacy.com/Results and speak to some of the couples who got success and babies already to know their experience with us & drpadmajasurrogacy.com/news@pfc & drpadmajasurrogacy.com/videogallery etc to know us better...

SURROGACY @ Dr PADMAJA FERTILITY CENTRE, HYDERABAD , known as the “Top Surrogacy Centre with High Success Rate” and known for “Birth of Healthy Surrogate Babies” in India

Hi, we run a unique n one of its kind in India, a well established surrogate home here housing around 150 of which about 90 are pregnants Surrogates with all good amenities of stay and nutritious food n everyday medical care as we have an attached hospital with 24Hrs Doctors/Gynecs n Nursing staff availability...apart from this we do IUI n IVF admissions n stimulations of which process is done at Habsiguda Centre...we have facilities for stay of out station clients for stimulation n IVF process which needs them to stay for 15days where even women can stay alone too with fully furnished 1BHK apartment and good food n with a small running kitchen facility if they want to cook anything...can hire a cab to go round the places n Hyderabad sightseeing etc including nearby Yadadri temple, Kollam JainTemple, Bhongir Fort n RamojiFilmCity etc during the stay...you may visit the facility first on your initial visit and decide on how best the services are before signing with us to the well planned and well executed surrogacy and IVF programs which saw the attention of infertile Couple across India like Gauhati n entire Assam, Dibrugarh Tripura, Shillong n , Kolkata n entire WestBengal, Bubhaneshwar n entire Odisha, Bangalore (Karnataka), Cochin, Trivandrum like entire Kerala, Chennai n entire Tamilnadu, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune like entire Maharashtra,n Delhi and Visakhapatnam n Vijayawada n entire Andhrapradesh, Hyderabad n entire Telangana...we could handover about 900 babies out of 650 Deliveries with 40% about Twins in the Last 5 Years of Surrogacy and considered as the ‘Top Surrogacy Centre in India’ with ‘highest number of healthy surrogate baby births in India as of now’ and about 10,000 ART Babies through all IUI n IVF making us known as “Top IVF centre in India with ‘Best Results in IVF / ICSI in india’ n allied fertility Treatment Programs in our Centres...wish we could be of some help to you too n request you to call Bhargavi on 7661086644 or Jyotsna on 7661017755 or Divakar Reddy on 9848243244 for any more clarity n further guidance.

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“Parenthood" is the Bliss and one of the main purposes of a “Marital Bond” and missing it for some reasons is a ‘misery untold’ – Yeah, its true but we at “Dr.Padmaja Fertility Centre” and its subsidiary “Dr.Padmaja Surrogacy, Hyderabad”, strive hard to stand up to and work for realising your dreams come true by way of different treatment protocols, the medical science brought in for the mankind like “IUI – IntraUterine Insemination”, “IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation”, “ICSI – Intro Cytosplasmic Sperm Injection” and “Surrogacy” all under one roof, in the Historic and Happening City of Hyderabad, at all “Affordable Costs” with “high quality, successful and fruitful services,” to the clients from across the Globe and our country in particular. There is a well trained Big Team of Doctors, Embryologists, Nursing Staff, Supporting Staff and Patient Counsellors, poised to provide the world class A.R.T (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) services to you, the needy Commissioning Couples of Surrogacy. It’s not a “Business” we do at PFC, Hyderabad but we feel privileged to see the “lost smiles” on the faces of less fortunate infertile couples regained and don’t believe in Branches being afraid of ensuring the same quality services, as such we just work from Hyderabad only and it takes just THREE TRIPS for you to this centre in Hyderabad for your surrogacy program and its Done and you need not shuttle for too many times. We, the Team at “Dr.Padmaja Surrogacy, Hyderabad” are poised to serve the couples who have no other option than to go for a “Third Party Assisted Reproductive Technique” i.e. Surrogacy finally for various reasons like woman born without uterus, lost for any medical reasons like Cancer, or profused uncontrollable bleeding or any other reason, Malformed Uterus in shape or size, Myoma, Fibroids, Recurrent Abortions /miscarriages, failure of implantation in multiple IVF cycles, Cardiac/Renal/Neuro patients, Diabetics, Hypertensives etc or any single-living men opts for single parenthood, which of late, is allowed in India, may need this kind of arrangement. Dr.Padmaja Divakar has been into the Fertility Medical Service for the last more than 15 years, having established two such institutions by name “Dr.Padmaja Fertility Centre” at Navya Nursing Home, Bhongir in suburbs of Hyderabad within Megacity Limits and the other by same name at Street No. 7, Habsiguda, Hyderabad where at both places we provide IUI, IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy like premium infertility treatment procedures and also allied medical services like Laparoscopy, H.S.G, evaluation of fertility status in men and women, and provide suitable fit and healthy promising donors too. We have been at the helm in the A.R.T Field and have been achieving proven high success rate, like 40% to 60% in IVF – ICSI30% IN IUI, and 80% to 90% in Surrogacy, which may be verified or cross checked by the Results as kept up in our “ Evidence Based websites “www.drpadmajasurrogacy.com” and also in “www.drpadmajaivf.com”. We have been into Surrogacy, for last FIVE Years, and have done wonderful work, by giving about 400 pregnancies and have delivered around 360 of them giving 480 healthy babies (120 twins) with average weight of 3kg at birth to the Commissioning Couples from across the world and our country in particular. Since there is incidence of 40% TWINS in Surrogacy, but for the assured healthy and proven womb selected to help. We, to our credit, have all kinds of clients like Foreigners, Indian Origin Foreign Citizen like ones with OCI status, NRI (Non Resident Indians) and Domestic Clients from all over India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Gauhati, Cochin, Surat, Chandigarh etc, apart from U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Newzealand, Saudi, Dubai etc. We are now said to be on the “Top of the world” in Surrogacy with about 150 Surrogates in all in the Surrogate Home at Bhongir, out of which 95 plus are ongoing pregnancies. We provide good and well furnished Accommodation with all Nutritious Food as needful for pregnant women with indoor games like Chess, Caroms, Puzzles etc, apart from the Television where all comedy oriented programs are only allowed to keep them in good spirits always.. view more »

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