Emi shielding over Braided Flexible Conduit for Variable frequency drive cable VFD Braided shield flexible conduit provids excellent Radio Frequency as well as mechanical protection to the wirings and cables In environments such as airport or factory

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Emi shielding over Braided Flexible Conduit for Variable frequency drive cable (VFD)
Braided-shield flexible conduit provids excellent Radio Frequency,as well as mechanical protection to the wirings and cables.

In environments such as airport or factory work shop, where higher than normal levels of electromagnetic radiation are present, power or data systems could be vulnerable to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit has been designed to protect cables from EMI.

EMI Shielding over braided flexible conduit provides exceptional shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Use it to protect sensitive electronic circuits from outside noise in such applications as communications, radar and data transmission. Shielded flexible conduit does not just keep interference out; it also keeps emissions in, which is vital to meeting EU standards.

Shielding flexible conduit shields sensitive equipment and circuits from EMI/RFI emissions; both ingress and egress. Connector assemblies include a grounding ferrule that contacts the conduit internal metallic material with the connector body, producing a direct shield-to-drain (ground) simply by tightening the connector. Its flexibility and simple assembly means it takes less time to install.

Over Braided Flexible Conduit is most suitable for installations in demanding industry environments, thereby giving increased protection to your critical power and data cabling
Applications :
Air handling equipment (HVAC)
Test & Measurement Equipment
Data Centers
Radio Broadband/Antenna
Solar / Wind Energy Variable-frequency drive (VFD)
Ship Building
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Wireless Communications
Healthcare / Medical


Electromagnetic Shielding Over Braided Flexible Conduit

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We manufacture and export an extensive range of metallic electrical flexible conduits and protection hoses, connectors and conduit fittings for a variety of cable installations requiring motion, vibration & bending. They offer very good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors. Featuring: Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and fittings. Applications: For electrical wiring protections & cable managements where flexibility is necessary for installation, maintenance or where vibration and movement must be absorbed. Our electrical products are used in construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation, petrochemical industries, and telecom equipments. Main Customers: liquidtight conduit high performance hose liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit OEMs, electrical contractors, machineries manufacturers, ships & trains builders, automobiles manufacturers, petrochemical, electrical wholesale distributors, and importers. We also sell our products to manufacturers of wire harnesses, wire assemblies, and producer of electrical appliances. OEM Service: Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications. Send us your requirements and we will come up with the right solution for you. . view more »

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