generator insulating paint 188 J1348 for India power system

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generator insulating paint 188 (J1348) for India power system
Deyang YOYIK strong technical force, with CNC lathes, machining centers, 1.6M vertical lathe, 2.5M vertical lathe, 3.2M vertical lathe, 4M vertical lathe, CNC boring machine, gantry planing, gantry milling, 80mm Bending Machine and other sophisticated equipment, Strong welding capacity. Deyang YOYIK also long-term supply of power plants, steel accessories are as follows:
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#DF-generator insulating paint 188 (J1348)-DF
Gear rpm sensor CS-01-D-065-05-01
thermocouple sensor TE-402
speed sensor symptoms CS-1(G-080-05-01)
displacement sensor DET-50A
tachometer gauge D521.12
Thermocouple Cylindrical sensor TE-109
non-contact displacement sensor TDZ-1E-41
digital panel meter D521.02-G
heater thermocouple W08B0573A
vacuum pressure gauge HS75690
thermocouple wzpk 230 pt100 W08B0691A
sensor de rpm CS-3-M16-L120
oil filter elements ZL12X-122/180
filter tank hydraulic HC2207FKP3H
Platinum Wire TE-108
reciprocating piston pump A3H56-FR01KK-10
SOR Controller 396049-SGCTC4
sensor rpm D-065-02-01
Platinum-Iridium Wire TE-402
piston pump hydraulic PVH74RO1A-RSM-1S-10-C25-3
linear displacement sensor
piston hydraulic pump A10VS0100DFR/31RPPC12N00
element filter LH0660D3BN3HC
Probe CWY-DO-812502
mechanical seal for pump BKM79.4143A
water filter purifier SWF
liquid level transmitter UT-81 215MM
lvdt sensor 500TD
lvdt displacement sensor inductive sensor TDZ-1E-41
pressure hose SMS-10/20-1829mm-B
oil filter change HPLDQ240-BMV
Non-Contact Linear Displacement sensor DET250A
water filter cartridge quick MSL-125
sensor lvdt TD-1-200
Axial Position Protecting Unit DM-12
liquid level controller BNA-S-16×3-MG-M600-V67-MRA
generator insulating paint 188 (J1348)

pt100 rtd temperature sensor WZPK2-393 ?6
linear displacement transducer DET350A
lvdt probe A181.36.06G02
Magnetic Proximity Sensors CS-3-M16-L140
linear displacement transducer C9231125
water filter spare parts SWF4
stainless steel Thermocouple TE-109
oil vacuum pump 2S-185A
inductive displacement sensor B151.36.09.04-014
M6 thread W08Q0019A
LVDT Displacement Transducer Sensors 8000TDGN
temperature thermocouple WRNK2-0901T ?5
centrifugal pump YCZ50-250B
vacuum hand pump ZS-185A
displacement inductive sensor 14000TDGN
centrifugal pump DFB 80-50-220
dc heating element JHGO3S2-380V/6KW
lvdt 20mm sensor C9231125
Magnetic Sensors CS-3-M16-L185
pp filter housing WFF-125-1
wire pt100 WZPN2-002
high temperature thermocouple TE-213
aquarium water filter SL-12/50
oil filter cartridge PQX-110×5Q3
ball valve MHARKH-35L-25-4465PN315/DN25
Hydraulic filter element 21FC1421-110×600/14
temperature thermometer W07A0612A
displacement inductive sensor TDZ-1B-31
Rotary Torque Sensor G-075-02-01
pt100 temperature transmitter WZPK-646
hydraulic pump spare parts 100LY-215-1-007
lvdt probe B151.36.09G17
Thermocouple Type-K TE-205
tachometer digital QBJ-3C
k type thermocouple 1200 degree WRN-332NM
oil filter making machine TZX2-250×5
generator insulating paint 188 (J1348)


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