Glass Fiber Covered Polyester Film Covered Flat Wire

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Glass fiber-covered polyester film enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire
?Product Introduction: Glass fiber-covered polyester film enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire is made of high quality copper (aluminum) wire enamelled by polyester film and single double glass fiber, then dry roasted by insulated paint. This product has the capacity of high electricalbreakdown, temperature-resist grade has four: 130, 155, 180, 200, the product is widely used in electric reactor,transformer, electrical machinery, and other similar electrical winding.
Executive standard: GB/T 7672-2008

? Product range:
Aluminum copper flat wire
Narrow edge size a: 0.30-5.60mm
Broad side size b:2.00-16.00mm
Aluminum copper round wire
Diameter size: ?1.7-?6.0mm
If specifications beyond the above range, please contact us
Flat aluminium wire should be compliant with GB5584.3-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.0280?mm2/m at 20?.
Copper strap wire should be compliant with GB5584.2-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.017241?mm2/m at 20?.
Film thickness of enamelled aluminum (copper) flat wire should in accordance with the following Table, please contact us if you have special requirements. url:

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Henan YuBian Electrotechnics CO.,LTD was founded in 2003 and dedicates in producing and selling electromagnetic wire and power transformer, it is close to Beijing-Hongkong-Macao expressway, 107 national road, our company is provided with superior location and convenient transportation. Product quality of our company is in accordance with national quality standard, and have passed ISO09001-2008 quality standard system certificate. Our Main Products: QZG, thermal class 130, 155, 180. Glass-fiber covered winding wire; Glass-fiber covered polyester film winding wire; Glass-fiber covered polyimide film winding wire; Polyester glass-fiber covered winding wire; Self-adhesive glass-fiber covered mica tape winding wire; mica paper tape winding wire; NOMEX PAPER winding wire; Tyvek winding wire; non-woven and polyester film line; polyester glass fiber sintered enamelled winding wire; enameled rectangular wires; Single (double) glass-fiber covered enamelled winding wire. They are widely used in power transformer, generator, electrical machinery, electric welding machine, electromagnetic chuck, electric reactor oil immersion and dry type large power transformer and so on. Our company has domestic advanced automatic silicon steel sheet slitting, cross shear production line, corrugated tank production line, transformer test equipment. Our company has advanced production equipment and perfect detection means. We can provide various uses power transformer, electric furnace transformer, intermediate frequency furnace specified transformer, rectifier transformer, packaged substation, power distribution cabinet and so on with voltage under 10 kv and capacity of 10000 kv or below according to government standard and specific user requirements. These products are mainly exported to Shanghai, Shanxi, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hunan, Harbin etc. YuBian has generally completed development strategy supporting company with advanced equipment, advanced technology, premium product. There is a long way for us to go, we will insist on keeping pace with the time, putting emphasis on pioneering and inventing, Making the enterprise stronger and bigger, and providing high quality products for customers.. view more »

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