high quality puirty Carfentanil carfentanyl Carfentanil carfentanyl CAS 59708 52

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Proname: Carfentanil carfentanyl
IUPAC name: 4-((1-oxopropyl)-phenylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinecarboxylic acid methyl ester
CAS Number: 59708-52-0
PubChem CID: 62156
DrugBank : DB01535
ChemSpider: 55986
ChEBI: CHEBI:61084
Formula: C24H30N2O3
Molar mass: 394.514 g/mol
We are a professional research chemicals Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufactories in China for 11 years. Our major clients include etizolam Alprazolam(xanax) powder Carfentanyl U-47700 Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F)
a-pvp mdma mdpv mdma MDPHP 5-Methylethylone Mexedrone Hexe MDPPP MDPBP BK-ebdp methylone(bk-mdma) ethylone(Bk-MDEA)
AB-CHMINACA AB-FUBINACA ADB-FUBINACA Adb-chminaca MMBChminaca mdmb fub abc fub-amb mab-chemica nm-2201
5f-adb 6apb 5-mapb 6mapb 4-aco-met 5f-abk48 5fadb bb22 BK-2C-B 2c-b 2c-c 2c-d 2c-e 2c-p 2f-dck 3-Meo-PCP
diclazepam flubromazolam meclonazepam flubromazepam nitrazolam
vigar Sildenafil Citratecialis viagra testosterone cypionate winstrol
benzocaine diclazpalm Pregabilian HCL Clenbuterol HCL HCL Sibutramine HCL phenylacetone / benzyl methyl ketone
2NMC,4C-PVP,4EMC?THIRTYLONE Mexedrone ect. high quality best price.

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Wuhan Tuoke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan (China)


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Wuhan Tuoke Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a professional supplier of research chemicals, medical intermediates, pharmaceutical chemicals, beta-ketones, AM series, Special, Triptamines, JWH series, 2C series, Others RC. Wuhan Tuoke Biotechnology Co. Ltd. produce customized products. Our quality controlled process ensures top quality product with every order shipping to anywhere in the world. Quality First, Customer First, Reputation First is our important rules. Customer buy from us, not only because of reasonable price, high quality, most important because of trust. Mutually beneficial relationship build long-term business success. Wuhan Tuoke Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has a professional metal team. We are pleased to present you with information about our product and business. We surely will meet your expectations. We supply purity Research Chemicals pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical chemical, Pain Killers, Anti Anxiety, Weight loss, Steroids more that 1100 different products in major international markets and we are trusted and dependable company to deal with because we render the best of services to our customers worldwide. We are a registered enterprise in China and we operate with 100% return policy and delivery is 100% assured after you agree with our company dealing tools.. view more »

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