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The tact switch is one of the most commonly used switches in our daily life,we are often faced with a switch problem that needs to be replaced,
the quality of the tact switch is determined by such factors as the handle, conduction reliability, weldability, protection, life and produce skills of the tact switch,but most of us are not professional switch technicians and we do not have professional selection knowledges,so how do we quickly pick up the high-quality, long-life tact switches?Blow are 4 tips for reference.

1.Value the power of the brand,choose regular manufacturer products to use at ease.

We are dazzled by so many manufacturers,switches made by different manufacturers is different in material selection,but you have to believe that you get what you pay for.

2.Observe the appearance of the switch, touch the switch with your hand and gently press the switch to hear the sound.
You can observe whether the switch is smooth and no scratches, and press the switch gently with proper pressure?then make sure the switch presses flexibly and the sound is clear,this is because the shrapnel and stroke of the switch can be roughly judged by the sound and your hand feeling.The switch with short stroke and light sound also has a relatively long service life.

3.Make sure the switch comes with qualification inspection instructions.

Strict factory inspection is also related to the switch quality which can not be ignored,whether the inspection procedure is perfect,sampling or full inspection,these seemingly unimportant details also affect the quality of the switch.
You can also keep an eye on 3C certification of the switch,which also represents the quality of the switch.

4.Some necessary questions for the switches.
It is necessary to make a consultation about the material used inside and outside of the switch,such as the appearance of the switch,
the appearance of the tacy switch is divided into outer frame and inner frame. The inner and outer borders of a good light touch switch are all PC materials.You can observe the following functional parts, if it is white, you can roughly judge it as PC material,PC material has the characteristics of flame retardant, impact resistance, non-discolouration and smooth appearance?or you can ask other questions you want to know.

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