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As the basic core component of the electrical connection of the circuit system, the connector plays an important role in connecting or disconnecting the circuit,therefore, the reliability of the connector cannot be ignored.The electrical performance of the connector is an important factor to ensure reliable circuit connection,when choosing a connector, we must consider the electrical parameters according to the usage environment and select and use the connector correctly.

The electrical parameters of the connector include rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, voltage resistance, insulation resistance, etc,so what does the rated voltage mean?Rated voltage, also known as working voltage,it mainly depend on the insulating materials used in the connector and
the space between contact pairs.Some components or devices may not be able to perform their intended function under their rated voltage,the rated voltage of the connector in fact should be understood as the highest working voltage recommended by the manufacturer,the highest working voltage that a connector can withstand will be specified by the manufacturer in the product manual or in the enterprise standard,it is generally required that the voltage applied to the connector during actual operation is lower than the rated voltage of the connector.

XKB company suggests selecting the rated voltage reasonably according to the voltage resistance (electrical strength) index of the electrical connector and the requirements of using environment and safety grade,if the pressure tolerance index is the same and the environment used is different, the requirements on the maximum working voltage should also be different.

Some applications of connectors are higher in voltage and current in electrical systems,the requirements for the connector are stricter and stricter under the environment of high voltage and large current.

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