Independent power plant Rotor assembly N 625

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Independent power plant Rotor assembly N-625
is a popular product from Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of power unit spare parts. We have pneumatic and hydraulic components brands both domestic and overseas. We manufacture spare parts of generators, turbines and boilers. The name of Yoyik is renowned in this industry.

We have more spare parts and equipments for power plant. Check the list below:

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#DF-Rotor assembly N-625-DF
water filter material SWFY3
stainless steel Thermocouple TE-304
inductive displacement sensor A157.33.42.04
temperature thermocouple TE-108
temperature bimetal gauge W07B0364A
Thermocouple Type-K WRNK2-221
vertical centrifugal pump CZ80-250A
Differential Pressure Switch RC861CZ084HSSYR24DC
industrial vacuum pump ACF080K41RBP
servo valve W.01.J.0693
full form of lvdt
k type thermocouple 1200 degree WRNK2-0901T ?5
speed sensor cost PU-1-4SD
oil filter wrench W38.C.0015
impeller pump SLQ-63
mechanic seal water pump 90NY/JXMF
speed sensor DF6101
oil filter change HX.BH-10×3W
Gear tooth sensor CS-3-L180
mechanical seal pump 15F4-IC-20
dc speed control sensor CS-3-G-150-05-01
pp filter machine SGLQ-300A
lvdt full form TDZ-1-35
transfer pump vane F3-20V12A-1C22
inductive displacement sensor LVDT-150-3
filter hydraulic servo HBX-10×30
angular displacement sensor LVDT-700-3
thermistor WRK2-001
Magnetic Pick-up Speed Sensor CS-1-G-150-05-01
Hall Effect RPM/Speed Sensor 70085-1010-411
axial piston pump PVH098R01AJ30A250000002
electric pump for lubrication 2CY-12/0.33
oil pump gasket 125LY-43BH
hydraulic oil filter element WU-1000×100-J
transmission speed sensor CS-01-D-065-05-01
Rotor assembly N-625

rtd WZP2-221
temperature gauge sensor WZPK2-213
Bimetal thermometer W07B0364A
temperature sensors TR-301-306
capillary temperature gauge W07B0162A
Gate valve Z961H-30
Resistance Temperature Detector WZPM2-08
lvdt full form LVDT-250-6
turbine speed sensors ecu plate ZS-03 L=90
Thermocouple Assemblies WRN2-630 LX1=225*76
cartridge stainless steel filter housings CFAS-630×180
cross reference oil filter SCKL10-5
pp spun filter cartridge SWFY3
lvdt sensor TDZ-1G-33
dc screw pump HSNSQ3440-46
filter element cartridge LH0500R5BN/HC
lvdt sensor ZD-4000TDA
water filter price SG125/0.8
transformer oil filter machine NLX-1000×30
heater thermocouple 8300.D1000Q-240000B014
hydraulic screw pump ACG052N7NVBP
water machine filter KLS-I
high temperature thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S5
filter water SGLQB-1000
lvdt full form TDZ-1-02
displacement sensor sany HL-3-50-15
thermistor W08Q0019A
sensor de lvdt 12000TDGN
Analog Linear Displacement Sensor B151.36.09G14
axial piston variable pump PV292R5DC00
speed meter sensor DF6202-005-050-04-00-10-000
rtd 4Q15244
5000 rpm torque sensor XS12J3Y
temperature probe sensor WZPK2-213
sensor de lvdt LVDT-1000-6
water filter replacement DSC-125/08
Rotor assembly N-625


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Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co.,Ltd, (YOYIK) was established in 2000 and specialized in manufacturing spare parts for steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, turbine generators, hydraulic generators, boilers, Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearings, sealing material, insulation materials, wear-resistance material, pneumatic and hydraulic components including filters, pumps and valves, Hydrogen gas, Sealing oil, Stator cooling water system, Excitation system, electric motor repairing as well as all kinds of mechanical processing. YOYIK is the agent for Nugent, Hilco Hilliard, Sauer Danfoss, Titeseal, Eaton, 707. Business scope is not limited to Dongfang units, including many products for Harbin steam turbine (HTC), Harbin electric machine factory Co., Ltd (HEC), STC, SEC, Chengdu Power Machinery Works (CPMW), Shanghai Power Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd (SPEM), Shenyang Stock etc. YOYIK is the qualified supplier of Dongfang Steam Turbine works (DFSTW), Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd (DFEM), Areva Dongfang Reactor Coolant Pumps Co.,Ltd, China National Erzhong Group (CNEG). At same time YOYIK has provided a great deal of spare parts for Coal-fired plants, Hydraulic power stations, Nuclear power plants, Gas turbine power plants, Steel mills, Cement plants.. view more »

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