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Nanometer microporous aerogel insulation is a new type of material obtained by a series of physical and chemical reactions with SiO2 particles with a diameter of several tens of nanometers, combined with infrared sunscreen and fiber. It contains a large number of nano-scale micropores inside. It has a very low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is 6 to 10 times that of traditional materials (ceramic fiber, calcium silicate, rock wool, etc.), thermal conductivity rises very little in the high temperature range, up to 1200 °C temperature resistance. In order to make the Nanometer microporous aerogel insulation material have good machinability, and also to increase the strength of the material, the Nanometer microporous aerogel material is added with a corresponding proportion of fiber reinforcement and binder. Another important factor is the infrared sunscreen, a mineral oxide powder that allows the Nanoometer microporous insulation to block the movement of infrared light. The heat radiation lost on the surface of the object is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature. When the temperature is above 100 °C, the radiation becomes the main way of heat transfer, and it increases rapidly with the further increase of temperature. The fine particles of the mineral oxidized powder are uniformly dispersed in the nanoporous material, and work by the refraction of the infrared rays on the surface of the particles. In order to achieve an effect optimization, the size of the particles is close to the infrared wavelength.

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