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Our screen printing system is huge! It's massive print area, six print stations and computer controlled fine adjustment enables us to print artwork in ways that, frankly, even we find amazing. Screen printing is our method of choice when the product, artwork or volume of the order makes digital printing techniques inefficient, or incapable of reproducing the design accurately. Screen printing is the traditional method of printing textiles and has many advantages for designers.
Versatility is legend. As the most versatile textile printing technique available, screen printing can be used to produce a huge variety of apparel. From team sportswear and soft feel fashion, to designer garments with special effects such as foils, raised or puff prints, glow in the dark, glitter, and vintage look prints. It is still the best technique when you need large quantities of printed product in any number of colors.
As many colors as you can imagine. Your design can be reproduced in up to six spot colors (more correctly Pantone Matching System colors). If your designing in full process color that's OK too because our full color screen prints are amazing. Pre-press techniques learned over years studying color theory and printing techniques, along with our investment in high-end equipment, allow us to deliver full color screen printed images that were once thought impossible – even by us until we figured it out.
Huge print areas allow you to design unique prints. Looking for oversize or all-over prints on your garments? Here at Printstara the answer is “yes you can”. If your design needs to go from edge to edge, or over a sleeve, Our System is able to deliver with an image printing capability of up to 900mm x 650mm.
No frustrating restrictions on print position. We can print almost any position on your garment. The front, back, sleeves, legs and pockets are all printable and laser print positioning system on our system will ensure your artwork is positioned accurately every time.
Add-On Services
If you're retailing your custom design, don't forget to pay attention to presentation details. In today's competitive market the little things matter and help keep your customers coming back for more. To help you make a lasting impression we also offer the following services:
Tag-less Custom labelling: Nobody likes itchy sewn-in neck labels on their fashion tees right? Well you’re going to love tagless label printing. Printstara can custom print your brand name, logo, size information and care instructions directly onto the inside neck of your garment for a professional retail fashion finish.
Custom Branding: It’s your product and you’ve worked hard to build a great brand name for it, so don’t keep it a secret! Direct printing of your brand on every garment, in any position you choose, will make sure your brand is seen and sought after. We can do one, or multiple color brand prints on your designer tees right here in our factory – how easy is that?
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Well to put it simply, we're a bunch of creatives who love making stuff. We’ve been hanging around various corners of the printing industry since 1976 during printing mill revolution in Mumbai, and along the way we've learnt a thing or two about the craft. Our founder, Mr. Narvekar is been in the industry since 1976 and has worked in Bombay dying, Universal Dying. Our own product work started in 2007. Our interest in custom apparel led us to explore a whole range of printing techniques ranging from Direct To Garment (commonly called DTG) and digital colour transfers, to dye sublimation and volume screen print production using auto presses with amazing built in technology and specialist fashion industry inks. Today, our skills and suite of equipment enable us to easily produce the super soft-touch water based screen prints sought after by the fashion industry, the stunningly complex big colour prints that movie and band merchandisers love, as well as commercial grade sports wear and one off designer prints. Soft prints, vibrant colour, big images and special effects – that's the fun stuff that gives your designs the x-factor they need to set you apart from your competitors. These services use many techniques and materials that other printers charge premium prices for, billing them out as “special services” and "extras". We regard these skills and services as normal, not only to be included at no extra charge but simply part of our service. We firmly believe that every garment deserves the best print that our craft can create, not limited by the equipment or skills that we happen to have – that's who we are. Whether you want a one-off sports top for an event or ten thousand custom printed tees for your fun run, we have the gear and the expertise right here to produce a quality product you’ll love to wear, share and sell - that's what we do.. view more »

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