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Method for making the Glue
1. Water: 2KG.
2. Glue powder: 1kg (1 bag), put into the water and mix up.
3. 96% caustic Soda 0.035kg (in Winter), 0.03kg (in Summer), and borax 0.02-0.025kg, add into 0.6kg water, fully solved, mixing and reacting for 5 ~ 10mins. Then pour the solution into the well mixed glue solution, mixing up during the pouring. (Note: When making the glue, be sure to control the quantity of Caustic Soda based on the quality of Caustic Soda.)
4. Tributyl phosphate (AR grade) : 1 cap (Use the cap of the bottle is ok), about 30ml. Pour into glue solution and mix up. (Note: This product is mainly used as a defoamer, please don’t add too much, or it will effect the viscosity of the glue.)

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Hefei Xuegong Adhesives Scientific Technical Co., Ltd.

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Hefei Xuegong Adhesives Scientific & Technical Co.,Ltd is a domestic technology company specialized in researching, developing, producing and managing starch adhesives. There are 2postdoctors, 2 researchers, 2 professors, 8 senior engineers, 10 engineers and 20 technical personnel presently. The company owns the strongest technical power and the highest reputation in this industry in China, belonging to the “member unit of China Packing Association”, “deputy director unit of “Chinese & Foreign Packing and Printing” and “Excellent Packing Enterprise of China”. Leaded by the chairman, chief engineer Mr. Xue Zhangli, closely keeping in step with the development of paper packing industry, depending on strong technical strength and having developed for 20 years, our company has broken through many technical bottlenecks; firstly overcome the big difficulty that adhesives is much slow to dry; and has successfully developed series starch adhesives for paper products, creating a resplendence in the history of this industry. Presently, our products have covered various paper-used adhesives in the whole field of paper packing. All kinds of adhesives have the same characters: firm to adhibit, quick to dry, strongly resistant to moisture, low in price, saving dosage, natural and green, much easy degradation, environment protection and reused. With leading quality in China and first-class cost performance, it has become a unique adhesive of famous brand in China approbated by China Packing Association in the industry of paper making. Presently, our products not only be sold all over the whole country, but also be sold far to EU, Austria, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, Malaysia and other over ten countries and areas. Besides, the company has also established branches in Shijiazhuang and Dongwan; established many offices and agents all over the country to meet market demand. Every enterprise applying “Xuegong” adhesive has improved product’s quality and reduced cost remarkably. Depending on our technology predominance, our company has constantly developed new product to promote continuous development while guaranteeing existed product keeps ahead and has first-class cost performance in this industry in China. Presently, the company has also promoted “Xuegong” reinforced starch in paper pulp, “”Xuegong” spraying starch between layers, “Xuegong” surface sizing starch and other metamorphic starch series products. These products shall greatly improve paper and paper board’s ring crust index, surface strength, folding endurance and reduce tiny fiber’s attachment. Each performance index reaches or exceeds national standard. Presently, leaded by Chairman Mr. Xue Zhangli, the company is striding forward to standardized and informatizd management in the standard mode of modern enterprise, making great efforts to create a first-class enterprise in China or in the world.. view more »

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