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We, Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore, India are a manufacturer and supplier of lpg gas Crematorium equipments for human Cremation.

We are manufacturing selling lpg gas crematorium, Electric Crematorium, gasifier crematorium and pet crematorium and our crematorium prices is reasonable.

The lpg gas crematorium consists of a cremator- double chamber gas cremation furnace, air blowers, lpg gas burners, burner system, gas regulators, lpg gas pipe lines, crematorium emissions control equipments, control panel board .

Cremation procedure in lpg gas crematorium:

To cremate a body in lpg gas crematorium, some of the crematoriums regulations must be followed. The close relative of the deceased personally must visit the crematorium and obtain the cremation forms that are available in crematoriums and the forms must be duly filled and signed along with necessary support documents such as death certificate, photo of the deceased, ration card Xerox etc.

The cremation time will be fixed once the cremation forms accepted by the crematorium along with the cremation fees. The cremation cost differs from one crematorium to another crematorium.

As per the Indian cremation laws, at a time only one body must be cremated and the cremation time must be between 8 am and 6 pm on all cremation days. The cremated ashes can be collected from the crematorium.

Cremation process in lpg gas crematorium

Inside a crematorium, after the religious rituals done to the human body, the body will be handed over to the crematory operator for the cremation.

In the gas crematorium, lpg gas cremation furnace have the lpg gas burners and the lpg fuel from lpg cylinders piped by our lpg gas engineers and, when, the cremation furnace temperature reaches 800 degree then the human body placed upon the body charging trolley and the trolley moves forward when the furnace door opens. The body charging trolley laid the body on the cremation bed and come backward and the cremation furnace door will completely close and thus the cremation begins.

The lpg gas cremator furnace is built with high quality alumina refractory bricks, various size and types of slabs are bonded with high quality castables, fire clay and mortars to enable the cremator to withstand the cremation temperature more than 900 degree centigrade.

During the human cremation, holes designed in the crematorium furnace primary chamber let out the flue gas into the secondary chamber where the hazardous gases and toxics and other volatile substances are completely burned and again trenched out as the hot flue gas into the cyclone separator and then to venture scrubber with the water and finally the scrubbed and cleaned the crematory air emissions are passed out into the 30 meters chimney.

The cremator has an ash pit to collect the cremation remains which given by the crematory operator in a container.

The lpg gas cremation facts are as follows:-

To cremate a human body: 18 Kgs of lpg fuel required – It’s a cheap cremation or low cost cremation.

Cremation ashes take out time: Within 3 hours from the completion of a cremation.

Cremation time per body: 60 to 90 minutes.

Cremation cost or cost for cremation: Please check with your local cremation service provider.

The LPG gas cremation costs is cheap and affordable at all crematoriums compare to burial cost.

In India many crematoriums are giving free cremation services for poor people.

Some of our customers are crematorium shanthi social services lpg crematorium, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu 641 005, Thudiyalur corporation crematorium, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

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Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore, manufacture, supply and install Electric Crematorium with all pollution control equipments such as cyclone separator, venturi scrubber, 30 meters stack chimney , air blowers, ID Fans etc. We have qualified engineers, adequate machinery and infrastructure to manufacture human electric crematory equipments. Our Electric Crematorium equipments are manufactured with quality raw materials and supplying and installing the electric crematorium on time. We also provide best service to all our clients to whom we have installed electric crematorium. Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore, manufacture, supply and install Electric Crematorium with all pollution control equipments such as cyclone separator, venturi scrubber, 30 meters stack chimney , air blowers, ID Fans etc.. view more »

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