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The connector manufactur XKB often encounter customers who confuse connectors with terminals when providing pre-sale service,even some customers think that these two concepts are the same.Here, I'd like to share some knowledge about connector and terminal, so that you can better understand the connection and difference between them.

1.The conception of connector and terminal.

a. The connector is a component that connects two active devices and transmits a current or a signal,the role of a connector is very simple,the connector bridge the communication between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current flows, and the connector enables the circuit to function as intended.

b. The terminal is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection and facilitate the connection of wires.It's basically a piece of metal that's enclosed in an insulating plastic, with holes at both ends that can be inserted into a wire,the terminals can be divided into plug and dial terminals, European terminals and so on.

2.The affiliation of the two connector and terminal.

The connector is the first large class, the terminal belongs to this large class,let's common understanding of the connection between the two, connectors do not need to use tools, the male head and the female head plug or a twist can be quickly connected to the electronic components, terminals need to use some tools, for example, screwdriver and cold press pliers can connect the two connecting points together, which are generally used for power input and output.

3.The application fields of connector and terminal

a. The connector is mainly applied in the connection between circuit and circuit, and is the core basic component necessary for electrical connection of circuit system. The main application fields of connector are automobile, communication, computer and peripheral equipment, industry, military industry and aerospace. With the development of application range, it will be more and more extensive, and it is basically applied in various industries.

b. The most widely used is the PCB terminal,besides, there are hardware terminal, nut terminal, spring terminal, etc.There are many types of connectors, such as round connectors, rectangular connectors, stepped connectors,the terminal block is generally a rectangular connector, the application scope of the terminal block is relatively single, generally applied in the electronic and electrical field, used for PCB circuit board, printed board and distribution cabinet internal and external connection.

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