Thermal Performance Aerogels Panels For Subsea Oil Pipelines

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Thermal Performance Aerogels Panels For Subsea Oil Pipelines
The building insulation material with good thermal insulation effect can prevent the heat from being transmitted to the floor and dissipated to the neighbors, ensuring that the heat is transmitted to the room in a single direction. The index reflecting the thermal conductivity of building insulation materials is the thermal conductivity. The factors affecting the thermal conductivity of the material are material, porosity, opening state, humidity and ambient temperature. Different types of materials have different thermal conductivity; different thermal insulation materials meet the thermal resistance requirements of the design, and the thickness of the thermal insulation layer is different; the same material, different bulk density, and thermal conductivity are also different. The higher the porosity of the material and the more closed pores, the lower the thermal conductivity and the better the thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity is different for different water-containing states. The huatao aerogel insulation blanket is one of the building insulation materials with the lowest thermal conductivity on the market.

Product specifications:
Length × width: 1000 × 500MM, 500 × 500MM
Thickness: 3, 5, 7, 10mm
According to the requirements of use, the specific specifications can be processed according to customer requirements.
Product packaging:
The product form is plate-shaped, and can provide an outer protective layer material in the form of PE heat shrinkable film, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, fiber cloth, and the like.
High temperature furnace: ceramic, petrochemical, metallurgy
Electronics, batteries: electrical appliances, fuel cells
Transportation: cars, ships, trains
Household appliances: electric stove, smart electric heater
Aerospace: aircraft, rockets, spaceships

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