Uses Of Bleaching Powder

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Characters of our activated bleaching earth
1) Strong decoloring ability
2) Good adsorption
3) Higher activity degree:
4) Low oil retention: save oil consumption
5) Fast fltration

Working of our activated bleaching earth
Emerge and separate some matters,such as pigment,colloid,impurity,dram heavy metal in lipid which can cause oxidant and activator toxic.

Method of how to use activated bleaching earth
1) take 100ml oil,weighing about 15g A-HH-1A activated bleaching earth clay,adding slowly by spoon and stiring,fully precipitation,until reaching for treatment of oil requirements,finally draw dosage.
2) put into production,right amount of white earth into large container,and then press the front of the proportion to the oil that include uniform mixing(when necessary add heating kettle,heat diluted in about 30 minutes or so)
3) wait for after cooling precipitation,filter press with pressure filter. url:

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Bleaching earth /Fuller earth/bentonite clay has widely usage in the oil refinery fields, it can be used for Edible oil purifying,like soyabean oil,coconut oil,palm oil,cotton seed oil,corn oil,sunflower oil,etc.and also can be used for Waste oil decolorizing,like lube oil,diesel,paraffin wax,engine oil,etc. and it can also bleach the olefin,aromatic hydrocarbon gums from the industrial oil. We are one of the largest manufacturers for Bleaching earth and Bentonite based products in the Northern China,we own the best and largest bentonite mine in Inner Mongolia,so we could protect the best stable quality,supply ability and best price than you ever have.. view more »

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