Water Repellent Silicone Finishing for Textile Leather

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MSQ-50 is a multi-functions silicone emulsion. Generally it applied as a water repellent for fiber, leather, paper, limestone, etc .Different to fluoride-chemical MSQ-50 matches the (Rohs & REACH) standard. Texture after water-repellent treatment had 80% efficiency (AATCC-22-52 test), and also have softened and silk felling.

1. Excellent stable emulsion, after event dilute to 2% concentration.
2. Long time working solution, up to 24 hours.
3. Suitable to all kind of textile (Cotton, polyester, Nylon)
4. AATCC-22-52 test could match 80% efficiency after 30 circle standard wash.
5. Emulsions may be applied in low concentrations by spraying, dipping, brushing or wiping.

Appearance --- Milk white Appearance --- Milk white
Activity % --- 50 +/- 2 PH/25? --- 5.5 to 6.5
PH/25? --- 4.5 to 6.5

Operation procedure:
1. Standard concentration 1.5 to 3.5g MSQ-50A/100g H2O by weight.
2. For special texture, could be used higher dosage MSQ-50A 5g/100H2O.
3. Working solution (H2O : MSQ-50A : MSQ-50B be 96.7g : 3.0g : 0.3g)
4. Working solution could be used for 24hr under 35? Texture dry under 80 to 110?,
then curing on 120 to 180? x 2 to 10 min.

1. MSQ-50B cannot be added to MSQ-50A directly.
2. If MSQ-50B is added to MSQ-50A, the solution will gel and evolutes Hydrogen gas.

Storage condition:
For 6 months under 25?

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