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The sales volume of the education projection market has increased significantly in recent years, and it still plays a pivotal role in the entire projection market.
However, the complicated use of high-intensity and dust pollution has made the education industry users purchase projections. The machine is very strict, and strives to bring a good experience to the students, and is more resistant to the "temptation" of harsh environments.
Although the price of the bulb projector is relatively low, because it is a traditional bulb technology, the service life in the general energy-saving mode is only about 3,000 hours, while the projection operation time in the education industry is long, and the running time is about 5 hours per day, then the bulb projection The ideal use time is 3000/5=600 days/30?27 months.
Because the education industry generally uses small machines,the traditional projection power is large but the body is small, which leads to the body. High accumulation of heat, continuous use for 5 hours, plus environmental factors such as classroom dust pollution, the actual use time can not reach the ideal state, after about two years of use, the need to replace the projection bulb and dust, and another cost will be incurred. : secondary debugging fusion.
Although the color of the projector of the HLD light source is good, the disadvantages such as excessive volume and high power consumption cannot be ignored.
In comparison, the advantages of Diheng laser projectors are obvious.
?Compared with the traditional ultra-high pressure mercury lamp gaseous light source, the laser light source consumes less energy and has higher brightness. It is the latest green energy-saving light source and protects students' eyes.
?The life of the light source is up to 20,000 hours. It can be used for about 15 years according to an average of 5 hours per day.
?High resolution of the screen, fully meet the needs of the education industry
?Diheng laser projector has low internal heat output and can support horizontal or vertical direction, even 360 degree projection, and installation is more flexible.
?Diheng laser projector adopts a fully sealed design, dust can not enter the laser optical system, so that the equipment can run stably for a long time, and the brightness and color output will be more stable.
With the development of the market, it is a matter of time before the traditional light source is eliminated. The future will be the world of new light sources. The progress of the industry is inseparable from competition. In the future, the positive confrontation of lasers, HLDs and light bulbs will promote the rapid development of the entire projection market.

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