Why do some tact switches not work after reflow soldering

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Many buyers mentioned that the newly purchased tact switch did not work after reflow soldering.What's the reason?

The tact switch is glued to the circuit board and solder paste on the stitching during welding.If the holes of the steel mesh are not in line with the pin, the solder paste can easily flow into the inside of the switch, which will affect the key distance of the switch,this is the most common reason why the switch doesn't work.

Another reason is the tightness of the switch, which is not good. When soldering, the flux penetrates into the inside of the switch, and the power of the exhaust system is too small to volatilize.Such a tact switch will contact bad, there also will be the problem of press.

There are also some buyers who can't easily apply tin to a tact switch,appear false welding, fake welding, which will lead to the patch is not complete, foot rust discolor and not electrified.Some tact switch appearance is iron material tact is not easy to tin, switch packaging is also relatively important,the on-board package and vacuum package can prevent the direct contact of air with the switch and effectively prevent oxidation, which is not easy to make the buyer have problems in electroplating.

Guangdong XKB technology company focusing on research, development and production of tact switch for more than 20 years, while ensuring product quality,XKB has a price advantage over peers.

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