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When it comes to home appliances, it can be regarded as the most familiar electrical equipment around us. TV sets, rice cookers, videophone and so on are commonly used home appliances in our home. In order to make our home appliances more durable, we tend to value brands,the manufacturers of household appliances also attach great importance to the electronic parts when they produce household appliances. For example, the use of tact switch is inseparable from the control of switch. The choice of high-quality tact switch is very prudent for the manufacturers of household appliances.
If the manufacturer chose inferior tact switches, so may let their home appliances equipment lose trust.

It has been 24 years since the establishment of XKB brand tact switch, and we have cooperated with many large appliance manufacturers. At present, our products enjoy a good reputation in the market and are favored by many appliance manufacturers with high cost performance.Some of the electrical equipments in your home maybe with a switch of XKB brand. Here is the introduction of the advantages of XKB tact switch:

1.The design XKB brand tact switch is ultra-thin,it is independently developed and designed by XKB group,it shows fine workmanship,and with complete size specifications, the switches can be perfectly combined with intelligent products, and give customers a very good experience.

2.The life of XKB tact switch is long, the shrapnel uses stainless steel raw materials imported from Taiwan and Japan, so that each switch can ensure not less than 100,000 times of life.

3.XKB brand tact switch handfeeling is great, stainless steel shrapnel precision is relatively high, in addition, precise and sensitive button action can bring a different product experience.

4.XKB brand tact switch is very environmentally friendly and high temperature resistant, and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof, so the use of safety is higher.

5.XKB brand tact switch has a high cost performance, which is not inferior to the quality of foreign brands.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, people expect electrical products to be more intelligent, beautiful and durable.As an electronic parts supplier, we will also follow the trend of The Times and actively research and develop, so that electronic parts products can withstand the test in a more demanding environment, and in line with people's pursuit of modern appearance and beauty.

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Ever since investment in 1995, XKB enterprise has been under rapid development. Currently, it steps into digital contents including cell phone, MP3, mp4, digital camera, mouse, keyboard, auto parts, digital audio, household appliance, office equipment, measuring instrument, industrial control equipment, automotive components and cloud computing. The engaged products contains switches, sockets, connector, and peripheral products. In domestic area, the layout production bases involve Taiwan in China, Dong guan in Guangdong, Suzhou in Jiangsu. Operation sales distributed by Jiangsu, Suzhou “Respectively manufacturing products by above individual different factories or outsourcing processing based on products” include Hong Kong in China, Dong guan in China and Xiamen in China. XKB will strive toward internationalization, profession, and multi-sidedness. He will step into the international world with a macroscopical angle of view, lead product quality with professional competence, face the challenge from the market with pluralistic ideology and actively improve the image of international brand. He would be your most trustful friend!. view more »

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