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From the beginning of last year, shared bicycles have been in an irresistible gesture into our lives, sharing the competition between bicycles is becoming increasingly fierce, not long ago, the network rumors of a map shows the intense competition of shared bicycles: 24 shared bike application icon full of the entire mobile phone screen.
XKB look at the shared cycling market, sharing cycling leading brand Ma Bai with excellent marketing strategy, occupy the objective market share. But the caravan cycling customer experience is not to be underestimated, in order to better customer experience Maibai one-way joint Taiwan ZING EAR development and development of single-car lock micro switch.
        XKB investing millions of research and development waterproof micro switch
       Have to say that even in the free competition such a competitive environment, high technology brings the user experience is also a dominant advantage, so XKB also followed by the introduction of waterproof micro switch to facilitate more shared bicycle users.
Shared cycling environment worrying: Xing Kun XKB force
      Xingkun XKB launched waterproof micro switch investment nearly 10 million research and development, the structure of small indirect, fast, tested, running faster than the current market, 95% of the micro switch.
       Sharing the current trend of cycling and there is no good place to put a place, and even some people do not have the placement of bicycles were abandoned, casually placed, it can be said to share the next five years, or even ten years, the problem is difficult to solve, so Sharing the external weather environment facing the bicycle is still very bad.
      The ordinary micro-switch, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is poor, Xingkun XKB waterproof micro-switch designed for sharing bicycle design, waterproof performance better! Can be a good response to rain and snow weather, so that users have a better sense of experience.
       Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch mechanical life longerXingkun XKB waterproof micro-switch is the biggest feature of a layer of hard shell, with Xingkun patented technology, so the service life is more long-term, you can also use many times, for the use of frequent sharing of bicycles, the use of Xingkun XKB waterproof Microswitch is tantamount to saving future money for the enterprise.
       Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch electrical life longer
       As we all know, micro-switch in addition to mechanical life and electrical life is one of the standards of good or bad, in order to extend the electrical life of micro-switch, Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch in the development of dust-proof effect of high-level paint, so The shell also has a dust effect, can improve the dust accumulation caused by the shortening of the electrical life and other issues, which for many haze cities, the better application.
       Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch perfect with all kinds of operating handle
       In the early stage of waterproof micro-switch design, Xingkun XKB on the characteristics of a variety of operating handles were analyzed, after a large number of repeated tests, Xingkun XKB put a lot of manpower and resources, continuous improvement, the current Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch can Perfect match with various forms of handle.
       Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch: designed for sharing bicycle design
       Xingkun XKB waterproof micro switch designed for sharing the bike design, is willing to join hands more shared bicycle brand, the benefit of the community, so that shared bicycle life more beautiful! Xingkun XKB founded more than 20 years, is committed to the benefit of the community, product design in various industries, Xing Kun is willing to use technology to change their lives, is willing to use better products to improve your quality of life.

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