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We are exporters of natural indigo products i. E. Pure indigo leaves indigo leaf powder indigo blue natural dye powder from indigofera tinctoria also known as neeli (sanskrit) neela amari (malayalam).natural indigo products (indigofera tinctoria) i. E. Indigo leaves indigo leaf powder indigo hair dye/colour indigo blue natural colour (dye).indigo leaf powder i. E. Neela amari herbal hair dye is a natural product obtained from the dried leaves of "Indigofera tinctoria" And does not contain any ppd. No fermentation is involved in indigo hair dye. Green leaves are dried in the sun and stored in moisture free packing. Dried leaves are finely pulverised prior to dispatch.even though henna is a natural hair dye and does not contatin any ppd it gives deep orange color to the hair. Indigo hair dye gives deep blue color if used alone. And if used after henna gives different shades

Manufacturing for the fermentation industrial biotechnology biopharmaceutical chemical engineering food dairy allied process industries academic/research institutions.our product rangelaboratory productsfermentation autoclavable benchtop fermentor autoclavable benchtop fermentor low cost benchtop fermentor in situ sterilizable fibrous bed bioreactor solid state fermentorbiotechnology / biology automatic fly food maker thermoregulated water bathchemical biodiesel production unit crossflow filtration systems laboratory spray dryer packed column apparatus process control trainer rotating miniature autoclaves trickle bed reactorenvironmental biotechnology aerobic digester benchtop membrane bioreactor upflow anaerobic filter bioreactorindustrial productsfermentation auto feed dosing kit for fermentors centrifugal fibrous bed (fbb) fermento

We are manufacturers trader exporter/importer of cleaning of airplanes military vehicles refineries and machines with water based cleaner sand chemical cleaners.chlorine dioxide for ethanol fermentation disinfectant and cleaner car shampoo liquid chlorine dioxide clo2 for fruits and vegetables aircraft liquid cleaner aircraft cleaner service diamond oxides aqua silicon remover liquid peanuts growth paclobutrazol heavy duty alkaline cleaner clo2 for hospital waste disposal treat chlorine dioxide clo2 for brewery industrial chlorine dioxide clo2 aircraft floor cleaner chlorine dioxide for oil and gas chlorine dioxide for drinking water treatment heavy duty aluminium cleaner chlorine dioxide for brewery industries aircraft floor liquid cleaner undefined liquid chlorine dioxide for milk processing extreme grease remover extra chlorine dioxide for water treatment e flush concentrate l

NJTT LEGIONCoimbatore  (India)

We are manufacturer traders of innovative machines for tea industries.products range turnkey projectsbeverage machinerieskitchen equipments cooking equipment refrigerated equipment stainless steel products food processing equipment bakery equipment buffet food warming equipment dishwasher accessory bar equipment snack food equipment kitchenware restaurant accessory5d theaters external style of the 5d cinema mobile cinema magic indoor outdoor aerated movable cinema cabin play stations cinema output instrument chairs 5d films game zone led displayerindustrial air conditionerstransport solutionsindustrial conveyorslaundry machinesmachine coolers vhdp6 fermata humidification plant h2o machine cooler suitable for ctc coolingour inventions pole star orthodox tea continuous fermenting machine jojo rotary sorter all purpose sorting m

"Excel plants equipment pvt ltd" Are iso 9001 2008 certified manufacturer exporter and supplier of superior quality industrial process plants and equipment.pharmaceutical plants equipment food processing plants equipment dairy plants equipment chemical plants equipment microcrystalline cellulose powder plant jaggery powder plants alcohol plants ethyl acetate plants zero liquid discharge plants dehydration process plants distillery plants guar gum plants starch plants centrifuge machines industrial dryers industrial evaporators ribbon blenders industrial mixers reaction vessels decanter vessels industrial blender conveyor systems fermentation system bubble cap column turnkey project for grain based distilleries jaggery sugar plant sparkler filter

We are manufacturers and exporter of the state of art technology products and quality of microbiology products.dehydrated cultural media a 1 medium a c agar / a c broth a. A. T. C. C. Mineral salts agar aatcc bacteriostasis agar / broth acetamide agar / broth (twin pack) acetamide broth (twin pack) acetate agar acetate differential agar acetobacter agar (glucose) / with liver extract acetobacter agar (mannitol) acid broth actidione agar base without actidione / with actidione actinomyces agar / broth actinomyces isolation agar aeromonas isolation medium base aeromonas selective supplement aeromonas starch dna agar base algae culture agar / broth alkaline peptone water alternative thioglycollate medium (nih thioglycollate medium) amies transport medium with charcoal amies transport medium without charcoal ammonium phosphate agar ampicilin supplement ampicillin dextrin agar base amylose a


Our extensive industry experience and effective use of modern machinery equipment enables us to successfully meet complete engineering product and services requirements of our clients. The range of products and services offered by us include venturi heat exchanger decanter for ethanol plants chiller for ethanol plants cyclone frame hood for milk separator plate rolling m/c bed type screw conveyor agitator tank mobile rack alcohol scrubber fermentation tank and many more.chemical process equipments heat exchangers distillation columns bubble cap trays cyclone separators vapour liquid separatorschemical process equipments parts venturi tubes casing assembly manholesprocess vessels jacketed process vessels reaction vessels storage tanksfabrication services copper fabrication aluminium fabrication hestolloy fabrication titanium fabrication st

Canadian Clear WatersChennai (India)

Manufacturers of mineral water processing machine bottling machines and pet stretch blow moulding machines in the world. We also specialize in effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plant such as followswater treatmentfiltration equipments clarifiers pressure and sand filters activated carbon filtrations chemical dosing system antracite carbon filter cartridge/bag filter micron filters micro filters iron removal filtermembrane based filtration ultra filtration nano filtration reverse osmosis systemdemineralization system softeners dm plant mixed bed deionizersterlizing system ozonator ultra violet sterilizercomponents components reverse osmosis membranes ss tanks pumpsmineral water tap mineral water from your tap systems mineral waterwaste water treatmentsewage water treatment pre fabricated compact system containerized standar

Manufacturers suppliers exporters of solution for bottled water mineral water soft drink sparkling water carbonated water and juices project on a turnkey basis.our products rangefiltration equipments clarifiers pressure and sand filters activated carbon filtrations chemical dosing system antracite carbon filter cartridge/bag filter micron filters micro filters iron removal filtermembrane based filtration system ultra filtration nano filtration reverse osmosis systemion exchange system softeners dm plant mixed bed de ionizersterlizing system ozonator ultra violet sterilizermineral water from your tap systems mineral watercomponents reverse osmosis membranes ss tanks pumpsdesalination sea water desalination ro system brackish water desalination ro system highly brackish water desalination ro system skid mounted desalination ro system containerized desalination

Arun & Co.Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of industrial biotechnology diagnostics molecular biology and pharmaceuticals products.our products listdiagnostics research products for genetic engineering research products for glyocobiology research protein engineering research products for protein refolding products for elimination of protease effect products for identification of n c terminal enzymes kits for molecular biology research enzymes for immunodiagnostics enzymes for clinical chemistry research biochemicals enzymes for control sera proteases others clinical chemistry reagents immuno turbidometric reagents chromatograpy enzyme / antibody / dna stabilizers bovine serum albuminspharmaceuticals enzymes peptones protein hydrolysates bile extracts (for fermentation industry) magnesium pidolate di calcium phosphate dihydrate / monohydrate cholesterol vitamins p


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