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Companies - Temperature+sensors


Easy SolutionsChennai (India)

Manufacturers trader and exporters of providing a full spectrum of contamination control services and supplies. From thereon we have grown steadily and now have an impressive portfolio of products that can cater to any of your contamination control requirements.autoclavable klericide mop premier klerclean cr sterile neutral detergent premier klercide 70 30 ipa premier klercide cr sterile biocide f klercide cr biocide x and y citrajet low foaming phosphate free liquid detergent solujet low foaming phosphate free liquid detergent citranox liquid acid cleaner and detergent liquinox detergent cleanroom autoclavable goggles klerwipe laser sterile 100 polyester dry wipes klerwipe cr sterile filtered biocide b low particulate mop wipe klerwipe cr sterile biocide a low particulate mop wipe klerwipe cr sterile biocide b low particulate pouch wipe klerwipe cr sterile biocide a low particulate p

Scientific Controls Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers traders and service providers of mechanical instruments.our product transformer temperature monitoring and control system bulletbearing temperature monitoring and control system bullettemperature measurement bulletpressure measurement bulletaccessories temperature gauges pressure gauges bearing temperature detectors generators turbines pumps rotating machinery mercury switch micro switch winding temperature indicator large power transformers distribution transformers furnace transformers esp rectifier transformers temperature indicator pressure recorders temperature recorders rtd s thermocouples.

Manufacturers and suppliers of instruments and sensors for temperature and process control.our products listtemparature gauge mercury in steel anti vibration type thermometer led capillary meters with ntacts micro switches contact type mercury switch type contactthermometer c100 series bi metal thermometer electrical control type dial thermometer stainless temparature gaugepressure gauge standard gauges stainless steel pressure gauge potentiometric transducers schaffer diaphragm gauges pressure gauges with horizontal diaphragm seal differential pressure gauges capsule type pressure gaugethermocouples rtd ( resistant temparature detector) resistance temperature detector thermocouple digital temparature indicatortemparature pressure recorder temperature pressure recorders temperature recorderthermowells t

cold chain pre qualified shipper temperature control box medicine packing box cold chain box drug packing box validated shipper box reliable temperature cold chain packaging temperature data loggers temperature data loggers monitoring refrigerant packaging boxes gel ice packspcm packs phase change material eutectic gel packs cool gel packs cold packs freeze pads coolant packs chill pads blue gel packs cold bags medical cold packs hdpe ice packs cold chain systems packaging

Manufacturers and exporters of cored wire and allied products for iron steel industries.our products list machine for steel industry wire feeding machine magnesium treatement system for foundry cored wire injection machine aluminium wire feeding machine for concast two strand wire injection machine four strand wire injection system six strand wire injection machine automatic temperature sampling machine universal lance manipulator oxygen lance guide carriage system emergency stirring lance manipulator oxygen carbon lance manipulator self propelled hot metal ladle transfer car slab / plate tilting devices hot metal ladle upto 300mt capacity ladle transfer cars slag raking machine for hot metal ladle coil tilting device segment top frame turn over device stand tundish tundish car emergency stirring lance manipulator for lmf temperature sampling man


We manufacture/ traders of the following adaptors mini maruti 300ma/500ma super deluxe adaptor 500ma 500ma with variable voltage p/s deluxe ac/dc adaptor 500ma with variable voltage pole selector switch pilot lamp 750/1000ma with pilot lamp cfl adaptor compact fluorescent lamp 1000ma cd disc w/m adaptor 1200ma vcd adaptor. Batteries li ion li polymer nimh nicd batteries with wide temperature range high discharge 1c 10c high cycle life >500 cycles . Chargers economy chargers auto off chargers sleek chargers aa aaa flash gun charger battery managed wonder bmw . Stabilizers 250w 350w 500w 700w stabilizer and 350w 500w 750w stabilizer with meter. Mobile and telecom we manufacture adaptors for telecom electronic items music systems phones/answering machines ac/dc adaptors og embossed. We man

We are service providers exporters and importers of logistic services.our services range air cargo logistics service door to door air cargo delivery service air cargo shipment service air custom clearance logistics service priority air cargo service air import cargo shipment consolidations international air cargo port cities service air cargo delivery service custom clearance service procedure custom clearance service air cargo clearance service freight forwarder custom clearance of chemical goods lcl cargo custom clearance custom clearance cargo delivery service complete logistics service solutions dangerous goods logistics service via air and sea logistics services link(customer list) integrated logistics solutions freight forwarding service logistics service asia logistics service freight forwarder complete logistics solutions automotive logis

ROBOMARTNoida (India)

We are online trader importer and exporter the widest range of robotics products diy robotic kits robotic accessories distance learning arduino board accessories quadcopter / multicopter sensors/shields/modules controller boards wireless motor and motor driver boards electronics components ic's and microcontrollers battery battery chargers tools engineering/diploma/school projects.our product robotic accessories book and software tool kit humanoid robot mechanzo remote control accessories robot and project fan or propeller robot chassis robot clamp robot converters robot display devices robot fan robot gear robot platforms robot sensors robot stud spacer robot track belt robot tyres and wheel robot usb programmers robotic arm and gripper wireless devicesarduino board accessories arduino accessories arduino boards ar

Axelcon Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai (India)

We provides a full spectrum of solutions in automation including requirements for compliance to pharmaceutical and cold chain industry.our products paperless recordersportable indicator loggers temperature humidity hygrometer usb temperature humidity logger high precision temperature humidity logger centralised clean room monitoring systemindustrial loggers single channel data logger 4 ch. Universal logger with gsm gprs 8/16 ch. Universal logger with gsm gprs 8/16 ch. Graphical logger with gsm gprssensor transmitters temperature humidity transmitterscada 21 cfr software

Powertech IndustriesNavi Mumbai (India)

We are manufacturers traders of pressure and temperature gauges.weatherproof bourdon type pressure gauges glycerine filled pressure gauges diaphragm sealed pressure gauges electrical contact pressure gauges hygienic diaphragm seals test master pressure gauges mercury filled temperature gauges bi metal temperature guages low pressure diaphragm capsule gauges utility pressure gauges valves compression tube fittings electronic pressure gauge diaphragm pressure gauge industrial pressure gauge pressure gauge mass ac pressure gauge differential pressure gauge capsule pressure gauge


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