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Companies - Elastic+bellows


We are one of the most leading manufacturers suppliers service provider exporter of fitness equipments free shipping free installation repair and maintenance service also.home use treadmill excercise bike cross elliptical trainer multi gyms commercial use strengthcardio treadmill elliptical bike motion trainer rower stair climberselectorized superb elegant premium club line proclub linebench racks bench racks club line classic club line multi gym plate loaded weights bars synergy 360 bench racks weight barsmulti gyms home classic club line premium plate loaded weights bars synergy 360 bench racks weight bars multi gyms refurbished accessories pa88 dip stand aerobic stepper yoga mat gym ball medicine / toning ball skip rope door exerciser leat

We are manufacturers exporters of various surgical necessary materials.surgical dressings plasters bandages adhesive tape u. S. P. plaster of paris bandage b. P. cotton crepe bandage b. P. cotton rubber elastic bandage cotton conforming bandage elastic adhesive bandage b. P. skin traction kit orthopaedic cast padding elasticated tubular bandage cotton stocking bandage adhesive first aid dressing paraffin gauze dressing b. P. chlorhexidine gauze dressing b. P. surgical pad eye pad extension plaster p. U. Bandage (light weight casting tape) cohesive bandage povidone iodine tulle gauze ipa swabs / nuvlon swabs first aid kits belladonna capsicum plasters wash proof xl aid instant hot cold pack tubular elasticated nett. knee cap ankle brace gauze s

Our products are narrow woven shoulder straps. elastic for garments. . ladies panty elastics. . . surgical elastics. . . . woven knitted braided laces. . . . . thread elastic. . . . . . braided elastics webbing tapes. . . . . . .

We are trader service provider exporters of relevant useful products for the treatment of lifestyle related ailments so as to provide a better quality of life for the patient.our products centri euromed raven freedom chinesport sissel cereplas comfort paceline proted mettlerlymphology mediven armsleeveshospital mediven thrombexin 18 mediven struva 23 mediven struva 35 lipomed basic lipomed face braaccessories special option accessories mediven butler (valet) medi swing mediven nordic walking sticksspine lumbamed basic lumbamed plus lumbamed disc lumbamed stabil spinomed ii /spinomed iv medi 3c medi 4c medi 4c flex protect collar soft protect collar tracheoshoulder medi shoulder sling medi arm sling ii protect arm sling omomed medi sak sas 15 sas 45arm epico rom ii

Seair Exim SolutionNew Delhi (India)

We are leading business consultancy service provider. We provide highly targeted import/export shipment database specifically designed for the needs of importers and exporters.our productexport data and import data anhydrides acid auto regulator amino acid artificial jewellery aluminium mould anodized aluminium animal leather auto switch amino resin asbestos aluminium panel anti oxidant anisole auto wire baby bag barber chair bed dryer bamboo art beaded napkin ring badges baby diaper barium bed sheet bamboo mat beads dress bag holder baby oil base plate c hook car chassis cardamom green cell button chemical water chrome polish cable accessories car compressor cardiac catheter cellulose film chenille yarn ci pigment red cable lock car glass carpet cephalexin chest drawer ciprofloxacin cable ties car lcd monitor carpet tile ceramic dielectric multilayer chiffon fabric circlip d r

B. V. Cotton Pvt. Ltd.Gandhinagar (India)

Based in a prime location of gandhinagar gujarat india we are a reputed manufacturer exporter supplier and importer of superior quality gauze cloth cotton gauze cloth elastic adhesive bandages absorbent multiply gauze absorbent cotton wools cotton round cosmetic pads etc.our products disposable round cosmetic cotton pad cosmetic color cotton ball ear cotton swab godown services services bleached cotton in bales form beauty therapy five techniques you need apply qtip drooping eyelid dental cotton substitute cotton roll substitute cotton swab ear buds high quality cotton sliver ear buds absorbent gauze bandages cotton slivers cotton wool rolls multiply gauze rolls uncarded bleached cotton zig zag cotton bandages gauze rolls cotton slivers cotton balls zig zag cotton absorben


Manufacturers exporters of plastisol inks and heat transfers. Our product range of plastisol inks for direct ptg on t shirts and other blends plastisol transfer ptg inks for transfer plastisol cmyk process screen inks with perfect caliberations plastisol backup adhesive for tfr ptg plastisol litho whitebackup and low bleed white plastisol based silver other colour glitter printable paste plastisol based mettallic gold silver bronze copper alum pst plastisol based soft base for colour mix plastisol based crystal clear 505 for self look ptg effect puff additive clear and colour shimmers reflective foil adhesive flock adhesive glow in dark different types of whites from inlay to extra super opaque transfer ptg cmyk litho inks sublimation cmyk litho transfer inks discharge paste for denim jeans cotton lycra hosiery. Super stretch white water based. Fixers b

Jayantilal A ShahMumbai (India)

We manufacture different products using advanced techniques and high performance machines. Ring spinning open end spinning etc. Are some of the processes that we use for manufacturing the products. Likewise modern equipment is used for precise work and fast completion of work.our product rangeindustrial sewing threads cotton crochet threads multi ply threads cotton twine threads cotton line dori cotton rakhi threads cotton yarn woven elastic tapes cup bra padsstitching threads sports stitching threads upholstery tarpaulin stitching threadsbag closing threads book binding threads cotton candle threads cotton embroidery skein cotton glace wax cord thread cotton tag threads cotton tape ropes kite flying threads

Agate Stone ExportKhambhat (India)

We are manufacturers suppliers of natural agate is much more than our profession it is our passion. From our knowledgeable personal service to our outstanding selection of natural agate.our productsgemstone angelsmix stone angels black obsidian angels blue aventurine angels/sculptures gemstone chakra bonded angels/sculptures green aventurine angels/sculptureslapis lazuli angels/sculptures mica/malachite/green jade angels orange aventurine angels/sculptures peach aventurine angels/sculptures red jasper angels/sculptures rose quartz angels/sculptures tiger eye angels sculpturesmalachite orgone/orgonite cone with crystal point orgone orgonite tiger eye cone orgone/ orgonite rose quartz cone orgone/orgonite blue energy cone orgone/orgonite carnelian coneorgone/orgonite mix chakra stone cone orgone/orgonite moon stone cone orgone/orgonite

We at medicinea healthcare are dedicated to provide quality specialty products. anti infective drugs amoxicillin clavulonate potassium amphotericin b azetreonam for injection ceftriaxone ceftriaxone sulbactum ceftazidime colistimethate sodium imipenem cilastatin meropenem piperacillin tazobacum polymixin b sulphate teicoplanin vancomycin hcl acyclovir for injectioncaspofungin interferon alpha 2 bcardiovascular drugs adenosine amiodarone aprotinin dobutamine dopamine enaxoparin sodium eptifibatide haemocoagulase heparin protamine sulphate streptokinase tirofiban urokinasegastroenterologic drugs octreotide acetate omeprazole pantoprazole terlipressin acetatehormonal drugs human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) menotropin for injection (hmg) somastatin for injection urofollitropin for injection (fsh)oncologys amifostine bleomycin bortezomib carboplatin cisplatin


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