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Lab Technologies New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Partnership firm

We are highly skilled professionals having experience of two decades in the field of bio analytical instrumentation with the objective to be the comprehensive partner in india for the manufacturer world wide in the field of analytical and biotechnology instrumentation. our products whitley anaerobic work station whitley a35 hepa work station whitley a35 hepa work station whitley a35 work station whitley a35 work station whitley a35 work station whitley a35 work station whitley hypoxic workstation whitley h 35 hepa hypoxystation whitley dg250 work station whitley h 45 hepa hypoxystation whitley h 35 hypoxystation whitley microaerophilic workstations whitley dg250 work station whitley va500 work station airlock whitley va1000 work station rapid methods rapid automated bacterial impedance technique (rabit) anaerobic jar system whitley jar gassing system anaerob

Jindal Medical & Scientific Instruments Company (Pvt.) Ltd. New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters all kind of medical equipments surgical instruments hospital equipments laboratory equipments scientific educational products. our products medical disposables hospital wears hospital hollowares hospital plasticwares autoclaves sterilizers suction units hospital furnitures rubbers goods needle destroyers heating pads orthopedic implants mini fragment implants small fragment implants 4. 5 mm 6. 5 mm screws plates for 4. 5 6. 5 mm screws amp nail pin wire orthopedic amp nail pin wire universal nail spinal implants drill bits bone taps external fixation clamp type external fixation ring type surgical sutures black braided silk sutures stainless steel sutures polyglycolic acid coated sutures monofilament polyamide non absorbable sutures plain catgut sutures monofilament polypropylene bl

Biomark Laboratories Pune (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers and exporter of the state of art technology products and quality of microbiology products. dehydrated cultural media a 1 medium a c agar / a c broth a. A. T. C. C. Mineral salts agar aatcc bacteriostasis agar / broth acetamide agar / broth (twin pack) acetamide broth (twin pack) acetate agar acetate differential agar acetobacter agar (glucose) / with liver extract acetobacter agar (mannitol) acid broth actidione agar base without actidione / with actidione actinomyces agar / broth actinomyces isolation agar aeromonas isolation medium base aeromonas selective supplement aeromonas starch dna agar base algae culture agar / broth alkaline peptone water alternative thioglycollate medium (nih thioglycollate medium) amies transport medium with charcoal amies transport medium without charcoal ammonium phosphate agar ampicilin supplement ampicillin dextrin agar base amylose a

MultiLab Chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Partnership firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of laboratory instruments cleanroom equipments laboratory glasswares laboratory chemicals bulk chemicals testing instruments analytical balances. media preparator cum autoclaves autoclave slv series autoclave preset automotic digital (pad) vertical autoclave standard with low water level cut off autoclave fully automatic digital fully automatic autoclave digital sle series vertical jacketed digital autoclave pad vertical jacketed autoclave standard class b table top autoclaves table top sterilizer with drying mini portable autoclave pad uv sterilisation cabinet water still digital ultrasonic cleaner general incubator with internal circulation forced convection oven shaking water baths colony counter gmp model bod incubator clean bench bio hazard type chilled water circulator 4l 25l oil free ptfe diaphragm pump variable dri

N. J. International Corporation Mumbai (India)

Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Exporters importers agency house specializing in laboratory scientific hospital / medical / surgical products. our products laboratory equipment autoclaves centrifuge incubators freezers high speed sterilizers microscope oven shakers stirrer mixers water bath water still medical equipment anaerobic culture jar bio chemistry instruments blood bank refrigerators blood counter blood counter blood pressure monitor digital micropipette variable electro medical equipments incubator mini doppler pulse oximeter suction machines syringe infusion pump laboratory plasticware beakers polypropylene burette clamp cassettes embedding rings cryogenic vials storage vials cryo vial boxes cylinders polypropylene cylinders tpx desiccators heavy base pipette stand measuring beakers measuring glass measuring jugs micro pipette stand micro tips mol

Dolphin Pharmacy Instruments Pvt Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturer and exporter of this quality approved range of electronic microscope and laboratory equipment. our products range laboratory equipment sterility test unit sherrington rotating drum polarography instrument double unit organ bath double cone blender bottle filling machine label gumming machine beckmann thermometers tube crimping machine burette stand pestle mortar suppository moulds haemoglobino meter blood glucose meter polarimeter tube chromatography chamber laboratory equipment kymograph paper freezing point apparatus polishing pan elisa washer carbon dioxide incubator simple respirometer probe sonicator lab glassware laboratory glassware borosilicate glass lab glass ware adapter reduction adapter expansion clevenger apparatus vaccum dessicator filter apparatus dropping funnels oxygen flasks

Medica Instrument Mfg Co. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of laboratory equipments and instruments for microbiology organic chemistry and pathology. autoclave autoclave portable st autoclave portable pad autoclave stwl autoclave vertical pad autoclave pad autoclave vertical fa autoclave fa slefa fully automatic autoclave autoclave slefa series autoclave sledoc autoclave sledoc series autoclave sledoc praano series autoclave praano series autoclave slv series autoclave sledd series autoclave sledd media preparator autoclave media preparator cum autoclave autoclave table top flash sterilizers autoclave table top front loading prabal series advanced autoclave table top front prabal series autoclave table top front loading prabal series basic autoclave front loading table top class b autoclave front loading class b bath bath serological thermostati

Sunshine Instruments Coimbatore (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Sunshine instruments have been reputed supplier importer exporter trader of agricultural analytical diagnostic digital water and weather measuring instruments. In our range we offer hand refractometer soil ph meter grain moisture meter mc 7825g atago master series refractometer pen ph meter anemometer lutron am 4201 digital lux meter lx 101a digital rain gauge oregon rgr 126 and waterproof ph testers. Moreover we hold expertise in providing fluorescence spectrometer brookfield viscometer uv mini 1240 microplate reader and automatic transmittance colorimeter. digital measuring instruments distance meters alcohol breath analyzer multi stem thermometer global positioning system micrometer laser distance meter htc digital multimeter vernier height gauge manometer infrared thermometer distance meter coin type thermometer thermometers digital computer in

Anand Diagnostic Laboratory Bangalore (India)

Service Provider • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Anand diagnostic laboratory strives for excellence in patient care with its highly efficient and accuracy oriented processes. We are committed to delivering reliable fast and affordable diagnostic services with uncompromising commitment to quality ethics and best in class laboratory practices. services laboratory alpha 1 antitrypsin (immunonephelometry) angiotensin converting enzyme (enzymatic) anti cardiolipin antibody (anti phospolipid antibody)(igg) (elisa) anti cardiolipin antibody (anti phospolipid antibody) (igm) (elisa) adrenocorticotrophic hormone (acth) (electro chemiluminescence) afb smear anti gliadin (iga) (elisa) anti gliadin (igg) (elisa) antibody to hepatitis b core antigen (igm) auto immune hepatitis blot assay (immunoblot) anti mitochondrial antibody (1 100 dilution of serum) (indirect if) (igg) aml1/eto t(8 21/cbfb/myh11inv (16) anti myeloperoxidase (mpo) igg

R.R.Scientific Suppliers Chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturters traders and exporters of all kind of scientific laboratory instruments equipments like medical instruments medical equipments lab glasswares lab chemicals reagents physics lab instruments physics lab apparatus models and charts. our products laboratory chemicals laboratory glasswares abels flash point apparatus preset automatic digital bacteriological incubator spectrophotometer corvettes drying rack esrite kits large carboy funnel examination gloves high alumina circular disc laboratory stirrer multi channel micro pipette oil testing instruments pipette controllers reversible rack gooch crucible silica transilluminator urine containers storage vial wbc pipette laboratory equipments acrylic museum jars glass museum jars animal cages plasticwares laminar air flow bio safety cabinet microslide cabi

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