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Biomark Laboratories Pune (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers and exporter of the state of art technology products and quality of microbiology products. dehydrated cultural media a 1 medium a c agar / a c broth a. A. T. C. C. Mineral salts agar aatcc bacteriostasis agar / broth acetamide agar / broth (twin pack) acetamide broth (twin pack) acetate agar acetate differential agar acetobacter agar (glucose) / with liver extract acetobacter agar (mannitol) acid broth actidione agar base without actidione / with actidione actinomyces agar / broth actinomyces isolation agar aeromonas isolation medium base aeromonas selective supplement aeromonas starch dna agar base algae culture agar / broth alkaline peptone water alternative thioglycollate medium (nih thioglycollate medium) amies transport medium with charcoal amies transport medium without charcoal ammonium phosphate agar ampicilin supplement ampicillin dextrin agar base amylose a

3D Medisys Exports Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. our products are surgical microscopes opthamlic micrscope ent microscope colposcope slit lamps slit lamp zoom slit lamp opthalmic equipment keratometer lensmeter binocular light microscopes 1. Stereoscopic microscopes stereo microscope ssm 2 master stereoscope smg 3 binocular stereo zoom bzm 5 trinocular stereo zoom tzm 5 2. Laboratory microscopes medical microscope mkg 3 inclined microscope mkg 5 binocular microscope bkg 7 trinocolar microscope tkg 7 hospital instrument furniture 1. Hospital furniture hospital bed examination table/couch kick bucket crash cart dust bin foot operated obstetric tables crash cart single stand operating table hydraulic bedside locker foot stool operating table electronic revolving stool bedside table dressing trolley bedside scre

Sadana Brothers New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Manufacturers traders exports of laboratry glassware like earth science instruments measuring instruments electricity and magnetic instruments. our products range earth science instruments objectives achromatic eyepiece widefield"Din" eyepiece huygenian illuminator for senior microscopes student microscope scalpel blades hand microtome simple tripod magnifier stool type table top electrophoresis power supply microscope slides with depression probe and seeker mall objectives achromatic"Din" mechanical stage stamps loupe electric clinostat culture bottle photosynthesis apparatus thermometer room metal back celsius and fahrenheit thermometer wall thermometer max min potometer thermometer soil test anemometer wind vane sling psychometry thermometer electrophoresis gel tank food calorimeter rock mineral set our most popular prepared slide sets slide staining kit teasing nee

Vasundhra Industries New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

our products list hair oil in mustard oil base coconut oil base vegetable oil base and other oils and bases. body oil in mustard oil base coconut oil base vegetable oil base and other oils and bases. body massage oil in mustard oil base coconut oil base vegetable oil base and other oils and bases.

TAS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are leading supplier of technical analytical and laboratory instruments in pharma biopharmaceuticals forensics and r d centers. Its clients include pharmaceutical biotechnology companies university research departments and research labs and industrial / manufacturing process equipments. scales left menu line bench floor scales compact bench scales counting scales indicators bases vacuum pumps left menu line radial side channel liquid ring rotary vane balances left menu line analytical balances precision balances moisture analysis portable balances

Parshvanath Associates Dehradun (India)

Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We dealing with research scientific instrument. our products acids bases analytical graphite conductivity standards indicators and dyes aluminum nitride ceramic ceramics desiccants ion chromatography standards ion exchange resins

Al-Med Equipments Navi Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Service Provider • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are also a manufacturer and supplier of hospital equipment operation theater equipment industrial ozone generation plant and oxygen generator plant industrial oxygen generator plant. epoxy flooring for operation theater epoxy flooring hospital epoxy flooring anti static epoxy floor conductive epoxy flooring epoxy flooring epoxy flooring for ot epoxy flooring for icu medical equipment three channel ecg with touch screen c arm table diamond insufflator defibrillator android bases surgeon control panel multipara monitor cardio fax steel operation theatre static pass box dynamic pass box ozone air purification system for ot o3 gen magic disinfectant oxygen generator plant psa oxygen plant oxygen gas generator 7. 5 m3/hr ( 25 cylinders per onsite medical grade oxygen generator plant 15 nm3 modular ot ot doors ss pass box positive pressure syst

Microteknik Ambala (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of a superior quality laboratory equipments mitigates the time consumed in carrying out laboratory activities owing to their high efficiency and easy operation features. They perform accurately in accordance with the requirement that result in giving optimum output needed in the laboratory. audio visual projections digital colposcopes colposcope over head projector portable overhead projectors film strip slide projector projections epidiascope automatic slide projector projection microscope projection slide storage box projection slide storage cabinets digital video colposcope gynaecology colposcope digital traction machine ultrasonic unit microtome equipment rotary senior microtome freezing microtome rotary microtome erma type fully automatic microtome semi automatic microtome digital microtome sliding microtome w

Indian Research Products Chennai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading mfrs. Suppliers of laboratory requirements of all variety namely 'irp' brand laboratory chemicals reagents indicators stains scientific glassware instruments models photographs charts teaching aids etc. products physics apparatus air wedge plates (set of 2) optically flat glass air wedge stand ammeter superior quality. range 1 3 5 amps with front terminals ammeter digital (electronic) 0 to 20 amps ammeter (microamps) range 100 300 ua ammeter (milliamps) range 30 100 250ma aneroid barometer (demo. Type) astronomical telescope (working model) balance physical 250 gms without weights balance weight box brass 100 gms ball ring apparatus bar magnet (superior quality) 2" Long battery eliminator 2 12 volts deluxe bimetallic strip bio gas working model biprism boyles law apparatus capillary tube 30 cm bor


Manufacturers • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturers of electronics subsystems for space and defense application. We also undertake micro controller and microprocessor based application for industrial automation and sub modules developments. Manufacturers of optical instruments such as holders lens holders mounts optical tables bread boards vibration isolation system positioning stages and jacks posts shims collars and dampening rods bases angle brackets and optical rails. Holders laser holders filter holders multiple filter holders cell holder plate holder mirror holder laser beam steering device prism table. Lens holders four jaw lens holder sliding grid lens holder iris diapharm lens holder v lens holder self centering lens holder. Mounts mirror mounts with post and base plate gimbal mount miniature mount large mirror mounts l shaped mirror mounts pin hole mount with pos

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