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Orchid Scientfics And Innovatives India Pvt Ltd Nashik (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipments pharmacology instruments and specialty laboratory animal house products. our products list pharmacology instruments plethysmometer all maze system analgesia meter hot plate test hot cold plate analgesia meter rota rod apparatus grip strenght meter cooks pole climbing apparatus electroconvulsiometer rotarod apparatus grip strength meter cooks pole climbing apparatus electroconvulsiometer vogel test apparatus digital tele thermometer sherrington recording drum (kymograph) vogel test apparatus actimeter digital telethermometer sherrington recording drum (kymograph) economy organ baths physiograph india stereotaxic series india automatic organ bath isolated tissue bath student physiograph stereotaxic series anesthesia system india cannula system india animal ventilators india syringe pumps india anesthesia system cannu

MultiLab Chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Partnership firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of laboratory instruments cleanroom equipments laboratory glasswares laboratory chemicals bulk chemicals testing instruments analytical balances. media preparator cum autoclaves autoclave slv series autoclave preset automotic digital (pad) vertical autoclave standard with low water level cut off autoclave fully automatic digital fully automatic autoclave digital sle series vertical jacketed digital autoclave pad vertical jacketed autoclave standard class b table top autoclaves table top sterilizer with drying mini portable autoclave pad uv sterilisation cabinet water still digital ultrasonic cleaner general incubator with internal circulation forced convection oven shaking water baths colony counter gmp model bod incubator clean bench bio hazard type chilled water circulator 4l 25l oil free ptfe diaphragm pump variable dri

National Scientific Promoters Lucknow (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

National scientific promoters is the world class manufacturer in the field of biotechnology and healthcare products. our product list instrumentation baths accessories biological safety cabinets clean benches co2 incubators centrifuges cold storages microbiological incubator chambers microplate instrumentation nucleic acid purification system shakers vaccum concentrators kits cyflow space cyflow cube 8 cyflow cube 6 cyflow sl cyflow cca cyflow ploidy analyser cyflow oenolyser cyflow counter cyflow minipoc microscopy health care diagnostic phd lx system evolis system microplate reader microplate washer multiplex testing data management solutions quality control products external quality assurance services (eqas ) education physician's office a1c testing d 10 hemoglobin testing system variant ii h

Enertech Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturers of metal stress relieving machines ''' our hi life series based on application of electromagnetic wave our product peristaltic pumps dry baths incubators pcr thermal cycler substitute microplate instrumentation ultrasonic cleaning equipments liquid dispensing systems computerised formulation makers xyz positioning systems electro surgical equipment.

Daihan Labtech India Pvt Ltd New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We care manufacturers traders and exporters of lab equipments all over the world. our products list incubators growth chambers clean systems laboratory freezers water baths lypholisers freeze dryers laboratory ovens autoclave sterlisers furnace microfuges mixers water stills.

Sayani Surgicals Hyderabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Manufacturers suppliers and importers of surgical equipment. our products list finger straightening splint thumb spica finger resting splint wrist warp with thumb hole wrist brace cock up splint dynamic with outriggers cock up splint dynamic radial nerve plasy splint cock up splint static tens therapy units software diathermy 250 400 500 continus passive motion machine upper lower limb scaphoid immobilisation splint knuckle bender splint ulnar deviation splint ulnar claw splint hand gloves for exercises dynamic finger splint mallet finger splint digilaser continues passive motion machine upper lower limb shortwave diathermy 500 watts micro stimulator pocketmodel interferntial therapy whirlpool hydrocollator combination digistim galanic faradic tens laser unit galvanic farafic stimulators finger execirse kit finger execris

Macro Scientific Works Pvt Ltd Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of mac brand laboratory equipment and instruments to various universities college r d labs institutes etc. our product list autoclave/sterilizers freezers/refrigerators blood bank refrigerators clean air benches fumigation chamber environmental/growth chamber ovens/incubators water still/distillation plants water baths hot plates warming tables dry block digesters shaking machines/ stirrers muffle furnace pharmaceutical equipments food processing equipments general laboratory equipment microscopes analytical test instruments balances / cryocans medical/biomedical equipment biological safety cabinets walk in chamber seed germinators b. O. D. Incubator water testing equipments.

Bio Technics India Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of wide range of laboratory and scientific instruments that are used in diverse industrial applications. laboratory incubators orbital shaking incubators memmert type bacterological incubator b. O. D. Incubator gmp model laboratory bacterogical incubator memmert incubator b. O. D incubator lab b. O. D incubator bacteriological incubator tray dryer laboratory ovens vertical autoclave memmert type hot air oven round vaccum oven high temperature laboratory oven industrial oven high temperature oven round vacuum oven rectangular vacuum oven vacuum oven horizontal laminar air flow scientific instrument environmental test chamber cryostat baths/ recirculators stability cooling chambers constant temperature water bath filter holder laminar air flow vertical laminar air flow laminar air flow chamber vertical autoc

Khushboo Scientific Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are manufacturer exporter importer trader of stockist of scientific laboratory testing instruments in paint powder coating corrosion surface printing ink packaging plastic paper rubber sheet metal material testing oil/petroleum chemical pharmaceutical. our products disper mill dissolvers mixers adhesive testing instruments pipeline coating plastic testing instruments coating thickness gauges insp. Adhesion test instruments moisture meters paint coating surface corrosion sheet metal material testing instruments gel time measuring instruments auto draw down machine offset proofness tester (printing ink testing) oil petroleum bitumen concrete test instruments laboratory heating instruments i. E. Oven incubator humidity chamber baths muffle furnaces tube furnaces industrial furnaces holiday porosity pinhole detectors thermal imag

Veliyath Thermostatics Valsad (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are manufacturers traders of industrial and laboratory thermostatic equipments. our product range laboratory oven natural convection laboratory oven forced air draft precision lab oven forced air circulation high temperature oven (400 c) forced air draft high temperature oven (400 c) forced air circulation heavy duty oven forced air draft heavy duty oven forced air circulation incubator bacteriological vacuum oven radiative heating humidity oven stability chamber bod incubator water baths serological water baths universal shaker baths muffle furnace radiative heating hot plate conduction heating industrial ovens custom built products industrial oven processing tank

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