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Sabari Scientific Glass Equipments Pondicherry (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers dealer/distributor of laboratory equipment laboratory furniture and laboratory glassware from a single source with ease. adapters reduction adapters expansion adapters multiple adapters cone adapters socket adapters receiver adapters receiver bend recovery bend splash head adapter tube adapter gooch crucibile adapters assemblies reflux reaction distillation preparation vacuum distillation kjeldahl distillation fractionation gas evolution steam distillation frothy liquid distillation destructive distillation bottles b. O. D reagent reagent amber colour solution reagentscrewcap aspirator relative density weighing dropping washing gas washing gas washingfittings stirrers link fixed paddle anchor centrifugal bladed stirrer guides shaft for stirrer socket plain shank cone plain end spherical joint ground sleeve glands stuffing box glands still heads plain stil

Reiki Healing Clinic Patiala (India)

Service Provider • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Organization firm

We are online traders exporters of reiki healing products. We provide healing services. our products 7 chakra mala crystal mala for spiritual intellectual health amethyst mala rose quartz white crystal bracelet natural amethyst bracelet multi color round crystal bracelet color crystal bracelets 7 chakras bracelet mix bracelet multi color square crystal bracelet green jade bracelet rose quartz crystal point pendant amethyst heart shaped pendant clear quartz crystal point pendant rose quartz heart shaped pendant clear quartz heart shaped pendant amethyst crystal point pendant carnelian heart shaped pendant aventurine crystal point pendant 7 chakra mala aventurine heart shaped pendant pencil pendants (made of seven chakra stones) carnelian wand pendant chakra pointed pendants mix gemstone pencil points pendants mix agate

Innerpeace Healthsupport Solutions Jaipur (India)

Service Provider • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Organization firm

We are traders and service providers of all the kind of medical equipments like mobility products respiratory care products home healthcare products physiotherapy rehabilitation products and many more patient care product. our products medical equipment repairing services oxygen concentrators repairing services wheelchair parts and accessories electronic and motorized wheelchairs repairing and service. c pap and bi pap machine repairing services physiotherapy equipments repairing services rent product medical equipments rental and sale syringe infusion pump on rent foldable wheelchair on rent resmart bpap25 c pap machine on rent bi pap machine on rent excercise machines morning walker home jogger machine on rent mobility products foldable wheelchair on rent walking sticks on rent orthopedic walker on rent patient care syringe infusion

Samson Scientifics & Surgicals Indore (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are leading manufacturers suppliers and exporters of orthotic products. our products list knee braces ankle supports cervical supports all orthopedic and rehabilitation products cervical pillow (regular)(t) cervical collar soft with cervical orthosis (philadelphia) cervical pillow (round) cervical collar boneless (firm density) cervical collar (hard adjustable) cervical immobilizer cervical pillow (regular) memory foam pillow foldable commode with pot tripod under arm auxillary crutch walking stick with crc pipe abdominal belt (blue) sadfmkasd d sf hacked by shahzad mustafa anti embolism stockings (below knee) ad anti embolism stockings (mid thigh) ag compression stocking below knee(i ii iii) compression stocking mid thigh(i ii iii) lymphedema arm sleeve samson stocking slip for compression stockings abdominal binder ankle support (neo) knee support hinged(neo) knee support with

Kshitij Innovations Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. physics accumulator ammeter apparatus to show force on conductor in magnetic field ball ring bar guage bar magnet alnico bar magnet ceramic with pvc cover bar magnet chrome steel bar magnet cylindrical alnico barlow wheel battery hydrometer bell in vaccum biot's apparatus boyle's law calorimeter copper calorimeter joule's capillary tubes apparatus centi second timer charle's law apparatus compound bar compound pendulam / kater's pendulam conductor contact key single convection of heat in air apparatus crook's radiometer single cylinderical lens for ray box daniel cell deflection magnetometer demonstration dynamo model demonstration induction coil demostration meter diffraction grating dip circle dip needle displacement vessel dynamic trolley ebonite rod elastic material kit electric bel

Girish Surgical Works Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of high quality electro medical and physiotherapy accessories and equipment such as needle set (electrodes) surgical patient plate connecting cable cord surgical bipolar forcep. our products physiotherapy machines / unit / spares shortwave diathermy mini muscle stimulator digital ultrasonic therapy unit digital traction unit traction table cpm continuous passive motion threeturn copper coil four channel tens 8 channel tens machine diagnostic muscle stimulator shortwave 500watts floor shoulder wheel (wall mounting) surgical cautery patient plates / earth plate patient plate / earthing plate for cautery unit. stainless steel patient plate. (Adult / big size). stainless steel patient plate. (For electro cautery radio frequency unit / machine). s. S. Patient plate (daul type). silicon rubber patient plate with cable cord attached velcro s

Mehta Corporation Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Manufacturers traders exporters of tinctures basic chemicals and intermediates like pesticides agrochemicals dyes and dyestuffs pigments and pharmaceuticals. pharmaceutical formulations tinctures. product aminophyllin tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 100mg 1x1000 analgin tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 500mg 10x100 aspirin tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 1x1000 asthanil (anti asthamatic) 5x100 beladon 5x100 betamethasone tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 0. 5mg ovel/round 10x100 bromexine tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 8mg 10x100 bromol 10x100 c. P. Mol tab oval/round pink blue green yellow 1x1000 calcibon (chewable calcium tab) 10x100 calcium lactate tab 300mg 1x1000 calm c (anti depressant) 1x500 cetrizine dhc tabs 10mg f/c ovel 1x1000 chlodiazepoxide tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P 10x100 chloroquine phosphate tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. 250 mg 10x100 chlorpheniramine tabs i. P. /B. P. /U. S. P. (Oval) 5x1000 chlorpheniramine tabs i. P. /B. P. /U.

B. V. Cotton Pvt. Ltd. Gandhinagar (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Based in a prime location of gandhinagar gujarat india we are a reputed manufacturer exporter supplier and importer of superior quality gauze cloth cotton gauze cloth elastic adhesive bandages absorbent multiply gauze absorbent cotton wools cotton round cosmetic pads etc. our products disposable round cosmetic cotton pad cosmetic color cotton ball ear cotton swab godown services services bleached cotton in bales form beauty therapy five techniques you need apply qtip drooping eyelid dental cotton substitute cotton roll substitute cotton swab ear buds high quality cotton sliver ear buds absorbent gauze bandages cotton slivers cotton wool rolls multiply gauze rolls uncarded bleached cotton zig zag cotton bandages gauze rolls cotton slivers cotton balls zig zag cotton absorben

Pal Surgical Works Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Manufacturers and exporters pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. our product list hospital furniture scientific goods laboratory goods ophthalmic goods surgical goods surgical equipments medical equipments ophthalmic equipment hospital furniture laboratory equipment analytical instruments dental equipments stethoscopes medicine pharmaceuticals. anaesthesia products humidifier bottle guedel airways endotracheal tubes (pvc) circle absorber anesthesia work station bain circuit child artificial silicon resuscitators child multipara monitor pal 202 anaesthesia apparatus major rebreathing bags medical rebreathing bags. autoclaves and sterilizers autoclave double drum radial locking autoclave s. S. (Sterilizer) dressing drum (s/s) jointed fumigator/disinfector s. S. horizontal cylindrical high pressure instrument sterilizer electric needle syring

MultiLab Chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare • Partnership firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of laboratory instruments cleanroom equipments laboratory glasswares laboratory chemicals bulk chemicals testing instruments analytical balances. media preparator cum autoclaves autoclave slv series autoclave preset automotic digital (pad) vertical autoclave standard with low water level cut off autoclave fully automatic digital fully automatic autoclave digital sle series vertical jacketed digital autoclave pad vertical jacketed autoclave standard class b table top autoclaves table top sterilizer with drying mini portable autoclave pad uv sterilisation cabinet water still digital ultrasonic cleaner general incubator with internal circulation forced convection oven shaking water baths colony counter gmp model bod incubator clean bench bio hazard type chilled water circulator 4l 25l oil free ptfe diaphragm pump variable dri

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