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Linocel Yarns

Linocel Yarns

Mumbai LINOCEL - is an intimate blend of two fibers that are Linen, which is extracted from stem of Flax Plant and Lyocell, which is a regenerated fiber made out of wood pulp of Eucalyptus tree. Linocel yarn, due to it’s rich linen composition and differential fineness of component fibers, has Linen , luster, brilliance, creasing and feel of linen and handle, drape of Lyocell. LINOCEL yarns and fabrics possess certain unique properties which come from intrinsic properties of Linen and Lyocell - - VISUAL TREAT - Linen is the most luxurious Natural fiber and when it is intimately blended as Pure Linen. The structure of the fabric surface is just like Pure Linen due to high ratio of Refined Linen in it. - COMFORT - Linen and Lyocell both as faster than Cotton. - WEATHER PROOF – High Breath-ability of Linen which is due to its Irregular Polygonal Fiber cross-section when blended by Polygonal Structure of Linen Fibers and hence act as an Insulator keeping the wearer Warm. - MOISTURE MANAGEMENT - Linocel Fabrics are the perfect and then transports it to the outer surface of the fabric via capillaries, created by Linen fiber’s cross section. The moisture gets dissipated on higher /eczemas reduce considerably. - DUST REPELLANT - Linocel Fabrics have Linen on surface and Lyocell in core so they act as dust repellant due to inherent characteristic of dust repellency of Linen. - CREASES LIKE LINEN - Linocel fabrics crease like pure linen due to the stiffness of Pure Linen like Pure Linen but much comfortable due to roundness of wrinkles. - HANDLE AND DRAPE - Though it is difficult to know Linocel from Linen at Fabric Stage but at Garments stage it outsmarts even Pure Linen garments. Garments made out of Linocel Fabrics can be dyed as Pure Cotton or Linen and can be Bio Polished to get a smooth, bouncy garment handle. This unique property of Lincoel makes it Linen for Women and Kids. - PERMA-WHITE - Bleached Linocel fabrics are completely resistant to turning Pale even after multiple washes, unlike Cotton or Pure Linen fabrics. - PRICE ADVANTAGE – Linocel...

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