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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Mumbai Wedding Photography Your wedding day is one of those occasions where you would definitely want to capture every special moment. Not only will you need a professional wedding photographer who has ample experience in wedding photography but also a professional videographer. When it comes to a wedding, taking pictures or a video is a totally in the moment job and not something you can recreate, so you have to find a professional Wedding photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures from decades ago. There are various wedding photography styles you can choose from nowadays.You can opt for a set or wedding album of the traditional portraiture style posed photographs as well as the newer styles like the photojournalistic wedding photography. In this popular style there is no formal posing, the photographer follows the couple, family and guests throughout the wedding to capture tender and fun These candid shots can capture genuine emotion and tell the tale of your wedding in the most authentic way, while allowing you to enjoy the wedding without having to stop and take wedding photos. These pictures have a timeless and romantic appeal.You can also opt for pre-wedding destination photography, bridal photo shoots etc. It is a good idea to provide the photographer with a list of essential wedding photographs to be clicked during the wedding functions. Marry Me – The Wedding Planners, India will arrange for wedding photographers to best suit your budget and requirements for your event celebrations, pre wedding shoot, bridal photo shoot and more....

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