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Dental Treatment Dental Treatment Tooth Replacement Materials For Dental Crowns And Bridges

Dental Treatment Dental Treatment Tooth Replacement Materials For Dental Crowns And Bridges

That Make It A Good Choice Gold Fits Better: A Well-Cast Gold Crown Fits Considerably Better Then Other Materials. Because It Fits Better, It Lasts Materials. Gold Is Safe And Comfortable: Gold Doesn'T Just Look Good-It Feels Good--Because Gold Is Remarkably Compatible With The Inside Of Your Mouth Possess The Casting Characteristics So Important For A Good Seal At The Edges. These Cheaper Gold-Content Crowns Are On The Order Of Ten Carat And Do Things They Do Not Last As Long As Other Types Of Crowns. Metals – These Could Include Gold Alloy And Other Base Metal Alloys. Metal Dental Crowns Are By Far The Toughest. They Can Withstand Daily Wear And Tear And They Rarely Break Or Chip. A Gold Crown Has Some Very Distinct Characteristics Longer! The Bacteria We All Have In Our Mouths Have Less Access To The Micro-Margins. Gold Is Strong And Flexible: Gold Expands And Contracts At The Same Rate As Your Natural Tooth. This Protects The Gold Crown From Chipping, Cracking Or Breaking; Which Can Be A Problem With Other Less Versatile . With Many Other Metals, The Likelihood Of Sensitivity Or An Allergic Reaction Is A Significant Risk For The Patient. But Not With Gold. However Not All Crowns With The Color Of Gold Are The Same - The Best Of The Dental Gold Is An Alloy Of Many Metals, (Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Copper And Tin) And Are Usually About 76% Gold Or A Little Over 18 Carat. Some Gold Crowns Are Made Of An Economy Gold And Are Only Gold In Color And Don'T Not Have The Tissue Tolerance And Compatibility Of A Higher Gold-Content Alloy Indications: Worn Out Teeth Where Creating Additional Space To Metal Dental Crowns :- There Is A Choice In The Metal Precious Alloy (89-92% Gold Alloy, Yellow Gold Color) Semi-Precious Alloy (54-62% Gold Alloy , "White Gold") Non-Precious (Metal Alloys, Stainless Steel Color) Precious Alloys With High Gold And Platinum Content Are Most Preferable. One Such Crown That Is Commonly Used Today Is Called Captek....

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