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Welded Double Wire Fence

Welded Double Wire Fence

Welded Double Wire Fence Welded double wire fence, also called 2D security fence, twin wire panel fencing. It is quite popular in Europe countries, like German. Doubled wire fence could be normal type with huge holes or 358 fence with small holes. Two choices of the spacing between two doubled wire of common 2D security fence were offered: doubled every horizontal wire, doubled horizontal wire every Galvanized double wire fence doubled every horizontal wire. WDWF-01: Twin wire mesh panel with every horizontal wire doubled for a firm structure.Galvanized double wire fence doubled horizontal wires at a distance WDWF-02: Twin wire mesh panel doubled one horizontal wire every three horizontal wires for cost effective. Specifications: Common welded double wire fencing panel: Wire gauge (horizontal, vertical, horizontal): 868, 656, 545, etc. Spacing between horizontal wires: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm. 358 anti-climb welded double wire fencing panel: Wire diameter (horizontal × vertical): 4 mm Blue double wire fence with rectangle holes, doubled every horizontal wire. WDWF-03: The wire gauge, size of opening holes and doubled patterns vary with sites to protect.A part image of green 358 double wire fence with 4 mm horizontal wires doubled at a distance and 6 mm vertical wires. WDWF-04: Doubled wire fence combined with the pattern of 358 fence, which becomes a firm and anti-climb fence. Features: Double wire: Twin wire panel resists deliberately sabotage. Visibility: See through by holes. Black PVC coated double wire fence in the peripheral of a brick house, with trees outside....

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