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Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services

Five villages of each block were selected and all categories of farmer’s I.E. Large, medium, small, marginal and landless labors were targeted. It was observed that some farmers are diversified and growing flower and vegetables instead of using major crops like sugarcane-ratoon, wheat and rice. Abhinav came as a spearhead for developing the farmer’s awareness regarding soil health analysis, training programmes, field demonstration, farmer’s information group (fig), exposure visits, farm demonstration, seed money to farmer’s group, and experts visit. Soil health analysis : farmer’s must know fertility status of soil viz. Farmer's training : farmer’s must know best suited eco-friendly and economy technique of agriculture for sustainable production. Abhinav covered issues like organic farming, mechanization of crops, water management, and soil testing through surveys, farmer to farmer’s interactions Thus, it helps to educate farmers for using balanced nutrients (like potassium, sulphur and zinc) and precise use of water for crops. Farmers information groups (fig) : this is a small voluntary association of marginal and small farmers for solving their inputs needs for improvement of Now all future schemes will be implemented through fig which will definitely improve capacity building of farmers and encourage team building. Exposure visit : abhinav has organized exposure visits for farmers to national dairy research institute, karnal; ch. Around 1500 demonstrations have been given to farmers in their farming field which brought changes in farming technique. Seed money to farmers group : this is to facilitate the farmer's demand for purchasing agri-inputs during sowing and to fulfill farmer's monetary requirement Poor marginal and land less labour farmers were selected for this programme and a provision to provide rs. 10000/- per farmer at the time of crop sowing These experts explain scientific facts regarding technology which was highly appreciated by the farmer’s...

Men Farmers Training Program Service

Men Farmers Training Program Service

Men Farmers Training Program service SRI has been working effectively with farmers where there is no sufficient drinking and irrigation water and poor socio economical facility. As rain fall is low in Anantapuramu district, majority of the farmers are depending up on bore wells and rains. High cost corporate agriculture is having adverse impact on the livelihood of farmers. Since 1997, many farmers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have taken their lives. SRI has conducted awareness camps to the farmers on crop insurance and dry land crops. Agricultural officers explained about the soils tests and crop timings and insurance to the farmers. Mandal development officers explained about the schemes from government to the farmer’s welfare and government Minimum Support Price MSP. Farmers have received the information and got benefited. SRI has so far trained above 100,000 men and women farmers on biodiversity conservation and organic farming. Biodiversity based farming has changed the economic status of the member farmers across the Anantapuramu. The Farmer Awareness and Training Programme offer support to farmers in the region and that will help farmers and their families in the long run. Our commitment to connect prospective farmers to experience the programmes each season. We stand out through our commitment to facilitate farmer-to-farmer experiential education. We know we have succeeded when the number of local food farmers and supply of local food increases....

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