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Arc Ferrite Magnets

Arc Ferrite Magnets

Arc Ferrite Magnets Ferrite Segment Magnet / Arc magnet           1) Specifications of  Arc magnetFerrite(Ceramic) Various Type of  Ferrite Magnet Magnet is manufactured from Ceramic magnet is most widely used because of its low cost, high-energy, good electric insulation and excellent resistance to demagnetization. The most common type of ceramic magnets are anisotropic strontium, anisotropic barium and isotropic barium magnet. 2) Technology of Arc magnet   Dry Process & Wet Process.By dry process, can produce isotropic & anisotropic magnets; by wet process, only anisotropic magnets can be produced.Isotropic ferrite magnets are not oriented and can be magnetized in any direction; anisotropic ferrite magnets are different, they are all oriented in the manufacturing At present, we have put our emphasis on arc segment magnets for electric motors, disc magnets and block magnets for special applications "        3) Type   of Arc magnet   Main products includes :  hard ferrite arc or segment,ring magnets,rectangular magnets,ferrite power etc.Which have the following advantages resistance,long-time stability,and economical price.Meanwhile,we can manufacture new tools according to the customers`demand "        4)  Size of  Arc magnet5 )  Property of Arc magnet6) Magnetization direction  of  Arc magnet7) HOW TO PACCKING Arc magnetOur normal packing is PAPER + WOODEN PALLET/IRON PALLET "All packing are seaworthy and suitable for long way shipment, well protecting the magnet from dampness, broken, chips. For magnet size (outside diameter or length) more than 30mm, there is paper board to space out two magnet"         url:

Magnete Kaufen Super Strong Magnets Ring Magnets Used For Speakers

Magnete Kaufen Super Strong Magnets Ring Magnets Used For Speakers

Magnete Kaufen Super Strong Magnets Ring Magnets Used For Speakers Among those famous magnete kaufen super strong magnets ring magnets used for speakers manufacturers, it is a professional supplier in China, welcome to wholesale magnete kaufen super strong magnets ring magnets used for speakers from our factory.Description of Super Strong Magnets Ring MagnetsOutside DiameterID80mmHeightH10mmGradeN38CoatingNiCuNiWorking Temp.Max 80° CMagnetized  DirectionThrough the thickness 10mmHolding ForceAbout 50 kg (110 Pounds)Magnetic Performance of Super Strong Magnets Ring MagnetsGRADERemanenceCoercive ForceIntrinsic CoerciveMax Energy ProductWorking Temp. 80 Safety Notes about Super Strong Magnets Ring MagnetsØ  Keep magnets away from electronics. Strong magnetic field produced by magnets may affect and cause damages to electronic appliances.Ø  Handle magnets carefully. Neodymium magnets are strongly attracted and snap together quickly.Ø  Be attentive with your fingers and other protruding body parts!  It is necessary to behave with extreme caution and use protective gloves while handling bigger magnets. Moreover, magnets are breakable and should be handled carefully.Ø  Keep magnets away from young children and pets. Neodymium magnets are not toys and are not suitable for playing, particularly to young children! Ø  Be patient and careful when separating the magnets. If you need to separate neodymium magnets, they can usually be separated by sliding the magnet off the stack. url:

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