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360logica Unit Testing Services

360logica Unit Testing Services

360logica Unit Testing Services 360logica software testing team has the proficiency and resources to provide comprehensive unit testing services. With focus on verification of every module in isolation for potential bugs, we strive to ensure that each unit satisfies individual as well as overall We use a range of licensed and open source unit testing tools, including Nunit, JUnit, PHP Unit, and others. Our extensive experience over the years makes sure we do not err in this extreme programming maxim and authenticate routine functions of every unit effectively Unit Testing: The Process and Principles Unit testing of each module or class is carried out in isolation to confirm its behavior both from individual Running of unit testing process in an artificial environment against expected or set software testing parameters and examination of routine activities Analysis of unit activities established during the test against known or expected values. Six cardinal principles of unit testing at 360logica Lab: First write the test Do not write a test that succeeds at the first attempt Begin ideate and run the test Slack pairing and testability go side by side Use artificial scenarios and objects replicating real ones 360logica Unit Testing Advantages: Precise and accurate test scenarios writing that guarantees replication of exact function each unit intended to perform. Unit testing by programmers under expert guidance. QA and quality tracking both at individual unit and integration level during the software product testing process. Documentation of unit testing and test run keeping in view the routine as well as exact function. Integrated software testing and tracking of units found with potential liability to check their smooth functioning....

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