Automotive Infotainment Solutions

Automotive Infotainment Solutions

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The MaxEye In-vehicle infotainment systems have changed dramatically over the last decade. They have been transformed from audio tuner, cassette, and CD-player systems into digitally networked, customizable units that integrate cloud, smartphone, and video-playback capabilities. In addition, information and services useful to drivers for safety, communication and navigation are also being supported with the help of digital audio/video broadcasting and mobile radio services like GPS, WiFi,

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MaxEye Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore (India)

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MaxEye Technologies Private Limited was established in August, 2011 in Bangalore with a vision to become leader in providing products, services and turnkey solutions in the field of signal processing, control systems and communication engineering. The name "MaxEye" comes from Communication Engineering. The Eye Diagram is a Signal display pattern in which the digital signal in the receiver is repetitively sampled. The signal is plotted every symbol period or multiples of the same. The pattern is so called because it appears like a series of eyes between two parallel rails. This pattern is usually used to diagnose the timing synchronization in a digital receiver. An open eye pattern corresponds to minimal signal distortion or in other words can conclude a near perfect time synchronization. A clear open eye pattern is also called "MaxEye" The company was started by professionals with more than 40 years of domain expertise in the signal processing, control systems and communication engineering. The organization was owned by employees and self-funded. All Founding members hold master's degree in engineering from prestigious institutions. Our core team has multiple IP/Pending Patents in the area of signal processing, control systems and communication engineering. Core team has experience in developing multiple products ranging from Receiver design for telecommunication industry to RF Test and measurement solutions for wireless test applications. The main focus of the company is to add value to our customers business by providing end-to-end solutions in the field of signal processing, communication and control systems engineering. Mission and Vision Mission: The mission of this Organization is to provide signal processing, control and communication algorithms as services and/or consultancy to the businesses pertaining to the Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Underwater communication. The objective is to grow the organization into a complete system provider, wherein the solution to a business need would be addressed through the integration of the in house developed signal processing and communications software unto hardware. The organization will be tailored to inherit a high standard of ethical practices; as one of our major focuses is to provide the solutions to the Defence customers and maintain the integrity of our nation. Vision: Our Vision is to become a leader in providing Consultancy and system integration solutions by leveraging the in-house developed Software IP in the domain of signal processing, communication and control systems engineering. . view more »

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