Cloud Computing 6 Months Training

Cloud Computing 6 Months Training

Service overview

CLOUD COMPUTING involves large no. of computers connected through real time communication network like internet. CLOUD COMPUTING also involves resource sharing and how effectively these shared resources are used. Resources are shared by multiple users and also dynamically re-allocated. CLOUD COMPUTING allows system accessibility from anywhere using a browser. The features of CLOUD COMPUTING make it widely used nowadays.API or application programming interface in CLOUD COMPUTING software allow machines to interact with cloud software. It is suitable for disaster data recovery due to use of many redundant sites that enhances the reliability. Moreover its applications are easy to maintain. Another service provided by Cloud computing is on demand self service which allows users to configure and use cloud services by using catalogues. Thus infrastructure engineers design cloud computing templates which are according to consumer requirement. Basic modules of the cloud computing are easy to understand so anyone with basic computer and internet knowledge can learn.

Approaching higher level concepts of Cloud computing it is mandatory to have understanding of programming in .net and J2EE. Trainers of DP Project Development have experience working on this technology in IT Infrastructure of different companies. During the lab sessions students are trained to work on cloud services and develop and access application under expert guidance. Placement assistance is also provided to students to make their job search easier. Also special guidance for interviews is provided to DP Project Development students.

Training Goals
After completing the Cloud-Computing Training Course student will be able to do
Understand Cloud-Computing Platform Architecture
Design, Develop, Debug and Deploy cloud-computing based Application
Understand the Characteristics and Service Modules (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, S+S) and Deployment Module
Understand Sales force CRM Navigation & Functionality
Understand Workflow Approvals, Data Validation, SOQL and SOSL, Classes, Interfaces and Trigger
User Interface through Visual force

Cloud-Computing Training Course Prerequisite
Candiadate have knowledge about basic Java & .Net programming language
To be able to think logically, write the pseudo code for a specific task,read technical language
Understanding of application development, frameworks, environment, tool and process

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DP Project Development is an innovative step in IT Technology for the present global business needs. we serve in end to end IT Development and Training. In a fast-paced world where changes in technology are the norms, DP Project Development Pvt. Ltd. remains a stable and innovative R&D powerhouse that develops location-based technologies, incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), MATLAB, and Remote Sensing projects. DP Project Development Pvt Ltd. is an emerging GIS, GPS, Remote sensing, quality forced, utility mapping, Matlab consultancy & service committed to provide an effective cost and efficient solution to the customers across the globe. We have professionals who are empowering this organization with their huge experience of core competencies for providing project consultancy services and implementation in GIS, Remote sensing and designing and development in Matlab. DP Project Development consultancy service watches from project initiation, training, workshop conducting, project design, project execution and project implementation till the project delivery, taking all the risks and challenges into considerations. DP Project Development Pvt Ltd. is a firm that is fast-growing in designing and implementation. We work in a group and design, implement and develop new and interesting projects, start-ups to create new Matlab, GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, JAVA, PHP,C/C projects etc. Our objective is to provide best service and deliver the customer with sufficient knowledge of over a technology and its application that he or she can intuitively adapt to. After initial discussions with us, you may choose from all or a few of the services mentioned above that meet your requirements. We will give you best of all worlds under one roof, which is a rare combination to find. Last but not the least; we will always give you the best services at the least cost.. view more »

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