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We provide cloud based customizable products and solutions which enable our clients to unlock value creation potential beat competition and stay ahead in the industry services like Education Services

Education when powered by technology throws up endless possibilities. Starting from virtual classrooms, cloud hosted libraries, cloud hosted content management systems, cloud hosted applicant tracking systems, cloud hosted human resource management systems and cloud hosted billing and subscription of services. Institutions today are preparing to face the toughest test yet: regulation and disruption. The answer : a new school of thought, affordable technology and right strategy.
Every cloud has a silver lining and when you learn from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine.
Educational institutions that are looking forward to being learning enterprises of the future can release resources, effort and time by automating strategic thrust areas of non core activities so that the leadership of the institution can laser focus on core areas of learning and career building of the students. Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

We have identified the following strategic thrust areas where we can make a difference:

1. Publishing System

Publizer from Netfunda Technologies is the publication software that enables educational institutions to take learning to the next level by easing out knowledge creation, retention, sharing and real time collaboration on intellectual property. The product releases physical infrastructure and reduces capital blockage and inventory overload in classrooms and libraries. Moreover, data portability and mobility is ensured within the domain of users defined by the institution leadership. Conference journals, seminar presentations and webinars are shared from cloud hosted products with great ease and simplicity.

2. Recruitment/ Talent Acquisition

Finding the right talent to teach, research and coordinate academic functions is the bedrock of an institution. We say talent shopping is crucial but not difficult. Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables educational institutions to spot, track and hire talent that befits their vision, strategy and requirements. Employee turnover ratios, manpower planning and delegation of academic tasks are addressed much better when the tracking system for talent acquisition is automated.

3. Human Resource Management

Having shopped for talent the next big thing on the agenda of HR is to make the team perform. We provide a system to modernize legacy HR systems yet optimize. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies enables educational institutions to perform functions of appraisal, leave, payroll, reporting and time management from a centralized data platform. It identifies challenges, strengths and areas for improvement. Defining roles and responsibilities, training & development and talent retention are enhanced.

4. Admissions

Customer Relationship Management from Netfunda Technologies enables educational institutions to put the admission process on an automated track. The product streamlines lead generation, prospect tracking, and finally the enrollment of the incumbent into the system.Institutions can assign leads to consultants and track the follow up process on the incumbents thus reducing redundant steps at every step of the admission funnel. Our customizable dashboards,customer report structures and intelligence panes provide you with real time information on your admission pipeline.

5. Billing and Subscription

Billing and Subscription Management is the automatic billing and subscription management system from Netfunda Technologies that enables educational institutions to create, record and monitor fee collection against standardized and custom fit services that students may opt for depending upon the periodicity set by the leadership of the institution. The data repository can be exported to different departments across the institution to provide services to students on a personalized basis.

6. Marketing

Marketing Automation & Analytics from Netfunda Technologies enables educational institutions to plan, execute and monitor their marketing functions in a smarter way. Marketing campaigns, real time engagement with active and passive customers, personalized communication with customers through newsletters, catalogues and brochures are performed efficiently and effectively.

7. Netfunda On-Cloud

Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that enables educational institutions to personalize their functions of the education process by creating custom apps using drag and drop builder and embed website or server with mobile apps. Functions like academic year planner, payment records, hostel accommodation, student loan, and membership to student communities, placement reports, lecture notes, assignments, project presentations and a plethora of knowledge resources can be created, shared and collaborated upon smartly.

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Netfunda Technologies is a global software products company, headquartered in Noida, India. We offer technological and business solutions through our world class customizable products to address the requirements of our clients. We provide cutting edge products that are customizable to suit the requirements of individuals, corporations and governments. Combining technological competencies with business expertise, we enable our clients become high performance enterprises and governments. We provide cloud based customizable products and solutions which enable our clients to unlock value creation potential, beat competition and stay ahead in the industry. In doing so we leverage the power of information technology to provide custom fit business and technological solutions for enterprises cutting across the spectrum of blue chip global corporations on one hand as well as small and medium enterprises with local roots. We combine scalable technological competencies with cost efficiencies to deliver world class products. Specifically, our company offers solutions through world class software products in the areas of online subscription management and automatic billing, publishing, cloud application development platform, recruitment, talent management, marketing automation and analytics and customer relationship management. Over the years we have metamorphosed into a team of world class professionals with diverse backgrounds and a deep understanding of enterprise specific business needs. We do more than just business with our clients. We build relationships that are based on deep rooted mutual understanding and respect. We take cognizance of the fact that technological solutions must aid business by means of value creation for the client. The integration of business needs and technological solutions is premised on a deep understanding of individual requirements. Our support team and communication system facilitates real time assistance for any challenge that our clients confront. Our clients can reach out to us through our website plus a host of other mobile and web based platforms.. view more »

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