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Fabric And Textile Technology Solutions

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Fabric And Textile Technology Solutions

The manufacturing of textiles and garments is probably one of the oldest technologies applied by mankind. Human beings of the Stone Age already handled the art of weaving and utilized so called weight looms which in principle were used till the middle age. Not only flax and wool was processed but also bast fibers from lime tree, oak and elm were used. Ancient civilizations from Assyria, Babylon and phoenix accumulated enormous wealth by manufacturing and trading with textiles and carpets. Simultaneously the art of spinning was further developed and dying processes invented so that art weaving was competing against painting. Yet during the times of the Roman Empire other yarns were used as woolen yarns, such as linen and Chinese silk. In the 16th century the production technology was radically improved by introducing mechanical looms and later on by applying punch card programmed looms which were developed in Lyon by J.M. Jacquard in the year 1805. The first electrically driven loom was invented by Siemens in 1879.

Today life would not be the same without textiles and textile structures. Originally garments were used as protection against weather but today textiles are also used in various areas such as textile architecture and building engineering, filter for air and water purification, as interior for cars, as sun and UV protection, as planting fabric and many other applications.

The certified np-coatings are contributing tremendously as Nano technological finishing to the development of intelligent (smart) textiles with built-in high-tech-functions with a perceivable value for consumers.

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