Humanities And Mathematics Dept

Humanities And Mathematics Dept

Service overview

Humanities and Mathematics is an ancillary department aiding in the conduct of specialized courses in its domain offered as a part of the curricula of other main branches of specializations. The department is multi-disciplinary in nature and the faculty of the department belong to different disciplines namely, English, Managements Studies and Mathematics. The Admissions and the Academic work of the first years is taken care by the H&M department. The department looks in to the Consolidation of attendance and the sessional marks of the first years and maintains the Parent-Institution communications of the 1st year B.Tech students.

Student Facilities
The department provides the following Student Support Facilities: -

1. Center for English Language Learning (CELL)
2. National Service Scheme (NSS)
3. Personality Development Programme (PDP)
4. Sanketikha Bharathi - College NewsLetter (CNL)
5. Lead India 2020 - 2nd National Movement "Aap Badhp Desh Ko Bodhao" ( CLAVA )
7. Samskruthi - GNITS Cultural Club ( SAMSKRUTHI )
8. PERSONA - A stage who discover oneself.( PERSONA )

Center for English Language Learning (CELL):

An English Language Laboratory named Center for English Language Learning (CELL) was established in the year 2003, inaugurated by Dr.Y.Venkatarami Reddy, the then Vice Chancellor of JNTU, with an investment of Rs. 8 Lakhs. As per the norms stipulated by the JNTU the Multimedia lab and Communication Skills Lab have been established to enhance the professional competence in English language among the Engineering students.

Multimedia Lab: The conventional Phonetics Lab is upgraded to Multimedia lab with all the needed software. The learners are given training in building up right speech skills through programmed instruction and activities. The Lab is also equipped with Globerina, English in use and various resource materials, software for the use of the students preparing for competitive examinations like GRE, TOEFL, CAT.

Communication Skills Lab: This lab is established with various audio visual aids. The course is designed suitably, to involve the learners in group discussions, debates, role-plays, seminars, paper presentations, model interviews, report writing etc. The students from vernacular background are given special training in learning the nuances of English language.
The center comprehensively aims at enriching the competence of the students to speak English in a manner that will be internationally intelligible.


What is NSS?
Launched in the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary year 1969, as a student youth service program, National Service Scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development ofthe students through community service, behind which lies the cardinal principle of inculcating the spirit of being instrumental in nation building through
combined participation in community service.

Composition of NSS Unit:

NSS unit consists of 140 student volunteers led by a teacher in-charge called "NSS Programme Officer" and two teachers as the “Coordinators”.

The main objectives of this scheme are to

.Understand the community in which they work.
.Develop among them as sense of social and civic responsibility.
.To meet emergencies & natural disasters.
.To promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community
.To identify the needs and problems in the community and to develop a methodical solution in which they can be involved.
On the verge of globalization and technological advancement, very few have the urge to be compassionate towards the deprived and the needy, especially the youngsters. In such scenario, here are some ‘techies’ who do not intend to confine themselves to their rigorous, technical domains but are stretching their arms to reach the society selflessly.
Activities taken up by the NSS Unit at college so far…

1. Sanjeevani – “The Elixir of life”
First Aid Kits are placed in every building of the college & few Medicines like headache, stomach pain are provided free of cost by this group.
2. Amrita – “In service of love”
The group collects clothes from students, staff and donates them to the attenders, sweepers in the campus & the rest will be given to the orphanage homes or to the needy.
3. Aksharanidhi – “The treasure of knowledge”
The group collects books from students & staff and sells them to their juniors & donates the sum to support the Sanjeevani group finanacially.
4. Sahaya – “A wave on its way to reach the shore of service”
The group collects funds from the students of our college and sponsors Meals/Snacks for Orphanages/Old age Homes twice in a year. The group also lends its services to the Orphanages/Old age Homes by giving their time to them. They also look after the educative needs of the campus attenders’ children.
5. Cheyutha – “Helping hands for healing Touch”
The collects funds from their class, staff and from outside sources. They visit the institutions like Sweekar-upkar and Thakur Hariprasad once in every 3 months and Equipment like Hearing Aids, Walking Aids etc. are sponsored. Apart from this, some financial help will be rendered for the treatment of mentally retarded/physically disabled people who are economically backward.
6.Ankur – “Life is beautiful, make it more beautiful”
The group creates awareness among slum residents about health and Hygienic conditions. They also encourage school-drop children about the importance of education and provide necessary stationary for them.
7.Blood Donation – “ Blood donation camp was organised on 13.9.2011.Around 200 students donated blood on that day.NSS volunteers had done wonderful job in organising blood donation camp and it was a grand success.
8. NSS Special Camp – “ The National Service Scheme unit of GNITS has successfully organized a ‘Special Camp’ in the slum area of Baddam Balreddy Nagar, near Film nagar, Hyderabad, from 20th – 26th Mar’12. The main objective of the Camp was to create awareness about Health and Nutrition, Cleanliness and also to encourage school dropouts to continue their education. NSS Volunteers have taken up activities like Medical Camp, Clean and Green Programme, Mass Plantation and also visited the nearby schools.

NSS Activities are open for all. Anybody with heart is most welcome to join the unit to serve our fellow beings.

For details contact:-

NSS Programme Officer: Mrs.M.Madhavi Latha, Sr.Asst.Prof. in Mathematics, H&M Dept
NSS Memberss: 1. S. RamaCharan, Associate Professor, IT Dept.2. Keshav Kumar, Asst.Prof., H&M Dept.

Personality Development Programme (PDP):

With a view to augment the employability of the Engineering graduates, the college has been organizing personality development programmes extended to all 4-years of the course of study. Under this programme eminent people from different walks of life are invited to give seminars, lectures and power point presentations. The programme is aimed at building up positive attitude, self-confidence, self motivation and fostering a spirit of competition among the students apart from enhancing the ability to communicate effectively.

Programme Coordinator, PDP: Dr.P.Aparna, HOD, H&BS.

Sankethika Bharathi -News Letter:

With the B.Tech. course being so intensive and academic schedule so very hectic, staff and students seem lost in their own academic fields and find no time to interact with the other disciplines. A need for a single source of comprehensive information about all the activities going on in the college is felt. Hence, the publishing of a biannual Newsletter – Sankethika Bharathi. This newsletter is released once during the College Day celebrations and again at the time of I year induction programme. Our Newsletter focuses on the current status, future possible developments and the participation of students and staff in the developmental programmes. It is named Sankethika Bharathi as it is envisaged as a platform for highlighting scientific and technological innovations and reflecting the talent and achievements of GNITians in curricular, cultural, literary, placements and sports activities.

Convenor – Mrs.V.Jahnavi. Asst. Professor of English.

Lead India 2020:

Lead India National Club of GNITS, LINC – GNITS with the vision and mission of LEAD INDIA 2020 to ignite the young minds to transform themselves into changed agents to lead India the world by 2020 organized and conducted various events in the Campus. The onus of organizing the events under LINC GNITS is taken up by the students themselves under the faculty advisor Dr. P. Aparna, HOD, H&M to strengthen their professional skills and to enhance their professional competencies.

Republic Day Celebrations : As part of 63rd Republic Day Celebrations College, Power point Presentation, Pencil Sketch and Collage Competitions were conducted on “Celebrating 100 years of Jana Gana Mana…” As part of the Cultural Programme, T. Deepthi, ¾ ETM paid tributes to Rabindranath Tagore, T. Kavitha, 4/4 EEE gave a presentation on Engineering Education Today followed by depicting ‘Jana Gana Mana’ in dance form Choreographed by Ms. Shruthi, 4/4 ETM and Quizzing on Republic Day by T.Vijaya, ¾ ICE. The Youth Coordinator of the Republic Day celebrations was Ms.D. Niveditha, ¾ EEE.

International Women’s Day Celebrations
8th March is Celebrated as International Women’s Day. Taking the inspirational theme for the year 2012: Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures various events were organized to discuss, debate and represent issues related to women and the role of women today. The events were held from 5th March, 2012 to 9th; March, 2012 declared as Women’s Week in the campus.

The events were closed on 19th March, 2012. Ms. Sujatha, fondly named as Ms. Suzi, of the programme “Naveena” of TV9, Mrs, G.Srividya, Joint Secretary, GNITS, Dr. I. Ramachandra Reddy, Director. GNITS graced the occasion. Ms. Sujatha, an entrepreneur, anchor, social worker made an influential impact on the audience through her physical presence and inspirational speech. The Youth Coordinator of the Women’s Day Celebrations was Ms.T.Veena, ¾ ETM .

2 Day Lead India Camp
A two-day non residential Lead India 2020 Camp was organized on 17th and 18th March at Oasis School. Sessions on life skills, global skills, physical, physical development and mental development were conducted by the acharyas and special invitees from ISB. A special yoga camp and awareness sessions on social and national development were few of the highlights during the camp. 180 students from all the streams enthusiastically participated in the camp. The camp coordinator was Ms. Sai Veena of 3rd Year EEE.

PERSONA - A stage who discover oneself:

The winter of 2011 witnessed the inaugural of an innovative and interesting forum the “Persona” –a stage to discover oneself. Creative arts have always been an innovative medium to learning language. Dramatics and role plays as a part of the school curriculum have infested a new perception to an otherwise dull and mundane class room existence. The use of language with its right attributes such as intonation, accent, word flow and body language through drama would enhance skills undiscovered.

In order to pursue and encourage the use of English with finesse to develop positive traits in presentation of oneself in front of a group, to give a finishing touch, the Centre of English Language Learning (CELL) initiated a forum titled “Persona”. A variation in learning forms of English language, to make it into a quick and pleasurable experience is the need of the hour. Writing a script using the best language, delivering it with the right voice modulation, throwing it across to an audience using appropriate body language, facing the crowd on the platform provided, is surely a confirmed pathway to building soft skills.

Art for interpersonal communication is the target destination of the students of GNITS who have shown an overwhelming response to this creative venture. Almost 250 students have registered to be part of this forum which was conceptualized by Mrs.Suchitra Pratap (asst. professor of English Dept.) and maneuvered to a successful direction by Dr. P. Aparna. ( HOD of Humanities and Math) The objectives of the forum consist of stages to release ones linguistic development spontaneity and confidence. The sessions have been interestingly titled - Chimney session, Dynamite session, Bomb shell session, and Explosion session in sequence to the nature of indulgence in linguistic ability with body language; thereby ultimately empowering corporate presentation and personality development. The director of GNITS Mr. I. Ramachandra Reddy expressed a lot of faith in the most happening forum and said that it would certainly bring accolades to the institution where creativity and innovation can be used to the growth of the personality of the student. The logo prominently declares that soft skills canvassed on an academically inclined mind add a plume to the cap through “Persona” and “Persona” itself gives an identity to one’s personality!!

Samskruthi-GNITS Cultural Club:

Samskruthi the GNITS cultural club has been instrumental in providing a platform to the students to showcase their talents. With a view to develop and hone the leadership abilities in the students, Samskruthi has elected office bearers from among the students

Alacrity 2012 was organized by Samskruthi as a part of college Annual day celebrations on 21-3-2012. This year competitions were held in 15 different categories, with many innovative and new events like Art exhibition, nail art and short film making. It’s always a pleasure to witness the tremendous response from the students for different cultural competitions. This year also students came forward enthusiastically to entertain and enthrall us with their performances.

Convenor – Mrs.V. B. Sangeetha, Convenor, Asst. Professor of English.

Literaria Clava:

“He who moves not forward, goes backward” is the saying that kept the team of literary forum of GNITS kept moving onward like a sonic flood. With the tremendous response for the intra college literary fest that was held last year, the literary forum of GNITS called “LITERARIA CLAVA” initiated a clever and unique thought of making it an inter collegiate fest. The team with no more second thoughts, pulled up their socks and got into the bus. Powered along with the out of the box thinking of Mrs. Preetha Anthony(Asst. Professor of English), the next outcome that everyone witnessed was “LITERARIA FIESTA-2012”, an inter collegiate literary fest, the first one of its kind. The Fest unfolded the hidden talents and unveiled the thoughts of every individual beautifully.

LITERARIA FIESTA 2012, sprouted by Naveena Das Kruthiventi, a final year student of GNITS, set out to make a compelling FEST by forming a team of 50 efficient organisers and 5 proficient volunteers. The skill and the toil of every organiser resulted in declaring the LITERARIA FIESTA officaly open on 19th and 20th March of 2012. The website for the fest was created, the posters were published in 40 different colleges, the social networking sites were filled with the event invitations and advertisements about the fest, The jerseys especially designed for the fest were sold to the people who were interested. All this was possible since the team was internally divided into different committees like the advertising committee, help desk, registration committee, the photography committee, the treasurers, the editing and designing committee, the multimedia team etc

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