Industrial Products Gujcon Crf Prf

Industrial Products Gujcon Crf Prf

Product overview

A breakthrough in secondary reinforcement
Development based on extensive Research and Application trials
Unique and state-of-the-art next generation products for rendering long lasting solutions to some of the teething problems of construction and infrastructure industries
Superior to other secondary reinforcement Fibre products
Reliable secondary reinforcement material

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Gujarat State Fertilizers And Chemicals Ltd.

Vadodara (India)

Plastics and Rubber

Manufacturers, Trader & Service Provider



About Company

Translating GSFC's philosophy is its vast network of plants that make its possible. This infrastructure took its first step in 1967 with the setting up of 6 plants with an initial investment of Rs. 40 Crores. These six nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizer plants started production of Ammonia, Urea, Ammonia Sulphate (AS), Diammonium Phosphate(DAP), Sulphuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid. The expansion of Ammonia and Urea production began with Phase II in 1969 and an investment of Rs. 23 Crores was made to meet the increasing demand for Nitrogenous fertilizers. Phase III began in 1974 when diversification of products occurred. Plants to manufacture caprolactam, Melamine, Nylon-6, Oleum- SO2 and OXO-Synthesis Gas unit and Purge Gas Recovery Unit were set up. With Phase III, GSFC became India's first & only Melamine Producer. This provided the boost for further diversification to Nylons/ Fibers/ Melamine/MEK-Oxime and industrial gases like Argon Gas & Oxo Synthesis Gas. In 1989 GSFC began further expansion and diversification (Phase IV) which saw the company increasing its self-reliance while also conserving energy needs. Three Co-generation units using LSHS and Natural Gas were set up. Also further expansion of Ammonia and Caprolactam production was initiated. Diversification into Fibers , Nylons, and acrylic were completed and a DAP plant was also set up. This extensive diversification and expansion drive has been fuelled by GSFC's compelling need to ensure full utilization of available resources while also maintaining its profitability and leadership status. Today, GSFC is proud to be a multi-location, multi-plant, multi-services & multi-crores company, providing much more than just fertilizers.. view more »

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