Phd In Exact Humanities

Phd In Exact Humanities

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The PhD Program in Exact Humanities is primarily devoted to fundamental research in Humanities, and aims to conduct de-novo research in understanding human elements and human society. Such research would engage in trans-disciplinary inquiry spanning varied domains of human knowledge and imagination. Looking beyond contemporary boundaries of knowledge, the program seeks to draw insights from the Indian analytical traditions as well as from modern theoretical activities. The research environment of the program is designed in close proximity with research activities in computer science and ICT. The program encourages development of Digital Humanities encompassing Arts and Social Sciences.
PhD program is of two types – (1) Full time residential program where students stay in the campus through out the program period except for field work if any, and (2) Part time program where students stay in campus in the first semester after joining PhD and one more semester later.

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The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is an autonomous university founded in 1998. It was set up as a not-for-profit public private partnership (N-PPP) and is the first IIIT to be set up under this model in India. The Government of Andhra Pradesh lent support to the institute by grant of land and buildings. A Governing Council consisting of eminent people from academia, industry and government presides over the governance of the institution. IIIT-H was set up as a research university focused on the core areas of Information Technology, such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and their applications in other domains. The institute evolved strong research programmes in a host of areas, with computation or IT providing the connecting thread, and with an emphasis on the development of technology and applications, which can be transferred for use to industry and society. This required carrying out basic research that can be used to solve real life problems. As a result, a synergistic relationship has come to exist at the Institute between basic and applied research. Faculty carries out a number of academic industrial projects, and a few companies have been incubated based on the research done at the Institute. IIIT-H is organized as research centres and labs, instead of the conventional departments, to facilitate inter-disciplinary research and a seamless flow of knowledge within the Institute. Faculty assigned to the centers and labs conduct research, as well as academic programs, which are owned by the Institute, and not by individual research centers. The Institute combines pioneering research with top class education. An innovative curriculum allows the student flexibility in selecting courses and projects. Students, even at the undergraduate level, get to participate in ongoing research and technology development - an opportunity unprecedented in India. As a result, a vibrant undergraduate programme co-exists with a strong postgraduate programme. Recognizing that the goal of education is to develop a broad and humanistic outlook among students (and beyond), the Institute runs a unique human values programme at the undergraduate level. Regular faculty conducts the programme. Also, elements of the programme are made available to IIIT-H’s postgraduate students, faculty and students at other universities and colleges, and any interested individual or organization. In sum, the Institute offers students a unique environment that promotes culture, sports, societal contributions, art, self-governance and human values.. view more »

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