Ppr Pipe

Ppr Pipe

Product overview

PPR pipes are manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer raw material. The most important feature of PPR that distinguishes it from the others is that it could also be used in hot water systems besides being used in sanitary networks.

Easy to weld
Fast installation
Installation without scrap
Low costs
At 20°C it stands up to PN25
50 years of service life is guaranteed
Can be used at 95°C
No corrosion
No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals
Doesn't contaminate drinking water with corrosion
No crack formation due to ice under 0°C
Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions
Could be carried easily because of its weight being 1 8th of its metal substitute
Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost

The product is used at the sanitary lines of the buildings. Because of its endurance against hot water it could be used in heating systems and their state without the folio is not recommended. Momentary pressure and temperature rises may cause the pipe to explode. For these conditions Oxy-stable pipe with folio should be used.

Products are installed to the buildings according to the diameters given by the engineers. They are installed under coat or ground. The pipes are produced in 4 m lengths. With any type of fittings it could be connected with socket welding. For the transitions with the metal parts on the line fittings with metal parts are used.

Could be used in sun collector, too. Since the pressure is low at the system though it is affected by the sun, no problem occurs.

When the water inside the pipe gets frozen it doesn't exploit due to its stretching ability. However, the ice compresses the pressurized water inside the pipe as its volume increases. This compression can reach 80 bars momentarily. In this case the pipe may explode because of the pressure of the water.

Under 0°C PP is glass-like (crystallized). It shouldn't be exposed to blows at this state. During transportation it shouldn't be carried by throwing.
If the buildings whose installation is completed and are not going to be used throughout the winter, valves should be closed and the pressure should be taken out through opening the taps.
Welding shouldn't be accomplished under 5°C. When the product is taken out of the welding tool it cools down fast and facial solidification occurs, since it is cold welding it doesn't resist to pressure.
After the welding tool, the pipe and the fitting shouldn't be joined by twisting. There shouldn't be corrections being done for fixing inclination and distortation.
If the Teflon of the welding tools are ruined, they should be replaced.

It is guaranteed for 50 years under working conditions of 20°C and 25 bars. When the fluid is hot, depending on its temperature and pressure value of usage could be obtained from the table.

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Fusion Industries Limited Is a high tech Enterprise engaged in producing high quality of PPR - product with advanced production technology Equipments like KABRA and DGP WINDSOR Extrusion Plant for making pipes and BATTENFELDS Injection Moulding Machines (Microprocessor) for high quality of fittings. Imported Raw Material is used which is certified by the Bodycote (Switzerland) the best for HOT and COLD WATER. This Is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and Equipped with High Tech Tool Room and LAB Facilities for reliable quality. FUSION PPR PIPES AND FITTINGS are in conformity with DIN Standard 8077/8078 for pipes and DIN 19560/16962 for fittings. PPR Pipe Fitting Manufacturer Supplier India More attention is paid to ensure that no leakage occurs any where in service. Each component is subjected to a multistage inspection, which ensures accuracy and durability of the fittings in all type of industrial, agricultural, domestic, and other piping installations. Our modern factory is equipped with up-to-date plant machinery and inspection equipment skilled craftsman, rigid inspection throughout all stages of manufacturing ensures the high standard of accuracy now associated with all FUSION PIPE & FITTINGS. While in the production division of our operations, the number of elements produced automatically increases with every new piece of machine, the number of employees in customer service, quality control, research and other areas, where people can not be replaced by machines, is growing. This brings a great significance for the development of our company and services offered. CUSTOMERS: Customer's satisfaction is a precondition for further existence of the company, therefore the main priorities and goals of FUSION PPR SYSTEM company include satisfying needs and expectations of customers (clients) within the area of plastic piping systems. Satisfying customers' needs is understood providing supplies within the term agreed on and in the quality required. Negotiation with customers must be prompt and correct. Eventual problems in the company-customer relation must be resolved operatively within the shortest time possible. Our goal is to continuously increase and improve the level of our customer.. view more »

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