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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a web site from search engines via "Organic", "Algorithmic" or "Natural" search results rather than Pay Per Click (PPC). Traffic exists on Google as well as the other major search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the process of studying that traffic for a specific keyword, theme or area. We can then ascertain your ROI (Return on Investment) before any work is carried out.

Once we know the traffic volumes available for your business area, we can make amendments to your site in order to position it it the traffic stream for the highest traffic, themed keywords. This ensures that once your site reaches the top ten for each keyword your site will receive a know volume of traffic on a daily basis.

Ninety Nine percent of Web Site Design is carried out by designers who know little if anything about Search Engines or Optimization. This can create major problems for their customers who initially fail to realise that the construction of their website will effect its ability to rank well in the major Search Engines. Google for example runs one of the worlds largest popularity contests that rewards good Web Site Design & punishes mistakes severely. If the basics of your site are build correctly then not only will you have a visually pleasing site, but it will also generate sales and ultimately money for you by being found near the top of the major search engines. Search engines score Web Site Design on a vast range of criteria, which are constantly assessed to ensure that the most suitable sites appear in your search results.


Although Google tries to think like a human being, it is still only a computer & so relies upon a complex algorithm to compile the necessary data. This algorithm rely's upon looking for over one hundred different factors on each page which it then scores in order to be able to rank each site. These factors can also be over done so it is very important to seek professional guidance before attempting to optimize a site yourself.

Google uses electronic "spiders" to search for links on web sites, following each in turn, reading all the text it can find on the way. It likes to find keywords in groups, headings, image labels etc, but not too many otherwise it will think that you are trying too hard & will then begin to count them against you.

Google has had a huge problem reading images & Java Script (flash buttons/links etc). The problem is that up until recently it couldn't read them or follow them. Latterly Google has developed so it can now read some Java Script, but this is by no means perfect across every site. This means that whilst you may have the richest content on the web for your given topic, if your navigation devices are images or use Java Script then all Google will see is a blank page with no links & you will forever wallow in the lower rankings, miles from the all important traffic.


Compared to PPC (Pay Per Click) where one has to invest hundred's of dollars daily and even thousands of dollars every month depending on your business to get top positions under Google Sponsored Links, SEO on the other hand saves tons of your money and same can be investment in other types of promotions.

For a Brand New website, normally it takes 3 Months to fetch the top position, once ranking is achieved your site will always be on top positions. Hence no more investment in Google Adwords To Know More about How We Optimize Your Website Click Here >>


This is a very good question. Let us start by saying that there are very few good search engine optimization/ marketing companies in India. Some specialize and are good in natural results (search engine optimization) whereas others are good in paid results (pay per click marketing). We are one of the rare companies in India which does both of these activities successfully. Some of the reasons why you should consider us :

Experience: We have more than 1+ year of experience in executing search engine optimization/ marketing projects for our clients
Knowledge: We have very sound knowledge of latest search engine optimization trends not only in Indian market, but on a global scale. In fact we have been certified by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.
Global Optimization: With Tie-up of 10+ companies we optimize your site Globally, as Google loves to rank websites on top positions which are having Global Traffic.
Buck Softech Pvt. Ltd., Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use tried & tested processes to make your web site Google friendly. We will Optimize every page of your site & in addition customize your web site from a Search Engine Optimization view point for your industry, adding pages that will significantly increase the quantity & quality of traffic flow into your site.

On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization
All the major search engines use two types of scoring to evaluate web site Design, on page & off page.
"On page" Optimization is, as I have said above, just a matter of making sure that your pages are in a format that Google likes to see & values highly.

"Off page" Optimization is the second method of valuation for your site, namely "How popular is your website?" " How many other sites link to it?" Google looks at each & every inbound link to your site & the "Google Page Rank" of the site that the link is on & forms an opinion on that basis as to how popular your site is likely to be. If you for example have a link from a hugely popular site that has a Google PR of 7/10 it will be worth far more than 100 links from your friends PR 0/10 blog pages.

There are so many factors to consider when getting involved in the Search Engine Optimization (optimization)(seo) process that it can be too easy to miss a step along the way. We have the experience & Knowledge to drive your web site to the top of the Search Engine Rankings.

Quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an overnight process however, from first contact to a top ten ranking can take a year or more, as building a positive image for your site is a cumulative ongoing process that cannot be rushed. You should treat anyone who claims quick results with caution as it is not possible within the strict parameters set by Google. Only by combining all of the above mentioned factors can you build your Page Rank within Google & thus feature well.

It is important that you choose an Optimization company that understands the workings of the complex Google Algorithm

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