Shri Shani Grahdosh Vishesh Shanti Poojan

Shri Shani Grahdosh Vishesh Shanti Poojan

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Shri Shani Grah Dosh Nivaran Poojan is not very difficult or complicated as is normally feared yet it must be performed with utmost care because Shri Shani Grah is known as a very unstable mind Grah. At present, this Poojan is performed at Shani Singanapur, Maharashtra, India. On a day of Saturday, specially of Shraavan Maas, an iron idol of Shri Shaniji is dipped into Panchaamrit before dipping the same into oil. After this, the idol is worshipped by Gandh, Pushp, Ashtaang Dhoop, fruits and other quality food material. Recite ten names of Shri Shaniji as, Konasth (??????), Pinglow (??????), Babhru (?????), Krishn (?????), Rudrantako (???????????), Yam (??), Sauri (????), Shanaishchar (???????), Mand (???) and Pippala (???????) many times. Donate Sesame, Barley, Horse pea(vetches- ??? ), Gudh(???), Iron objects and black clothes to poor. Recite these Mantras as many times as you can, " ? ?? ????????? ??? " ??? " ? ????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??? ". Dipping the iron idol of Shri Shaniji into mustard or Sesame oil is the best for this Poojan. In case, we are asked to perform this Poojan on behalf of the Jatak, our Aachaaryas will take it on and will ask the Jatak to take ‘Sankalp’ through mobile. Our Aacharyas perform this Poojan at Shani Singanapur, Maharashtra, India or at a place decided on the basis of astrological calculations. This complete Poojan takes around three hours excluding associated activities and this is called ONE PERFORMANCE. ‘Narayan Seva’ and ‘Vishisht Daan’ are essential supplements of this Poojan. At last, we send Prasaad, CD and photographs at the given postal address.

A) Main :
(a) Expenses per performance – Rs.2,054/- No. of performances - …

(B) Supplementary :
(a) For ‘Narayan Seva’, place direct order through Sr. No….. from ORDER PAGE.
(b) For ‘Vishisht Daan’, place direct order through Sr. No….. from ORDER PAGE.

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Epujapath is an online platform where believers of Hindu traditions and rituals can order for online pujas, mantra jaaps, Gayatri Mantra jaap and Mahamrityunjaya mantra jaap and other special pujas to be done on their behalf so that they can enjoy the benefits of those rituals. This website is specially for those who are unable to carry out those rituals by themselves. They are committed to revive and reestablish India’s great old culture, traditions, genuine religious practices and methods of Karmkaand (Poojan) on the scientific ground by constituting a big team of Sanskrit laureate and experienced Pandits. Our team members, voracious of Gyan (knowledge), master of Yog, Astrology, Aayurved and accurate religious practices, are selflessnessly committed and dedicated to revive our country’s traditional treasure which is imminent to extinction. These Aachaaryas and Pandits very prudently assimilate and practice the lessons of our valued religious Holy Books so that a flawless perfect methodology may be derived and formulated to extract maximum benefits for betterment of commoners. Such a Poojan is fully dedicated to the God which is performed by Aachaaryas and Pandits with full sanctity on behalf of the Jatak itself. At present, almost everyone, except a few, is in state of distress, mental tensions, losses, sorrows ,unsuccesses, diseases, tribulations, turbulences. A fresh problem waits at the door before old one is resolved. Problems of self, of parents, of children, of other family members, of business, of health, of wealth and so many! Nobody in the world is around to help! All helplessness but one can not escape. Everyone has to come across such a situation in his life, once, twice or often! Is there no solution available? Yes, it is there, that too proven and trustworthy. It is the God who loves and helps his children, who rescues. But surprisingly, we often forget to remember him in such a miserable situation, we forget to call him, forget to pray ! We actually do not know the right way to call him, the easy way to reach to him. We are conceited, so we forget him ! We are full of pride, so we forget him. We love flaunting, so we forget him! “ Dukh men sumiran sab Karen, sukh men kare na koy. Jo such men sumiran kare to dukh kahe ko hoy”. . view more »

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