Unix Operating System Training Cource

Unix Operating System Training Cource

Service overview

1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. General Background
a. Unix flavors
b. Features

4. Getting Started
a. Logging On & Off
b. On-line Manual
c. Commands & Command Format
d. Errors & Error Messages
e. Command Summary
f. Exercises

5. Unix Operating System Organization
6. The Unix File System
a. Introduction to Unix File System
b. File Types
c. File System Navagation
d. File Attributes
e. Understanding and Modifying File Permissions
f. Addtional File System Manipulation
g. File System Miscellany
h. Command Summary
i. Exercises

7. Processes and the Unix Shell
a. Introduction to Processes
b. The Startup Sequence
c. Password Verificataion
d. Introduction to the Shell

8. Editing Text Files
a. Exercises

9. More On Processes
a. Process Status
b. More With fork and exec
c. Process Control
d. Command Summary
e. Exercises

10. Introduction to Shell Programming
a. General Introduction
b. dot Revisited
c. Of Programs, Processes and Dots
d. Shell Program Miscellany
e. Command Summary

11. Introduction to Environment Variables
a. Introduction to Environment Variables
b. Variables and Child Processes
a. Arithmetic Using Shell Variables
b. Other Shell Variables
c. Command Summary

12. Quotes and Other Special Characters
a. Backslash
b. Back Quotes
c. Single Quotes
d. Double Quotes
e. Command Summary

13. I/O Redirection and Pipes
a. I/O Redirection
b. Pipe Operator
c. Filters Are Our Friends
d. Command Summary

14. Program Control Statements
a. Conditional Testing Statements
b. Conditional Control Statements
c. Iterative Statements
d. Command Summary

15. Program Input
a. Program Input Using Read
b. Using Read With Redirection
16. Odds and Ends
a. Functions
b. Finding Files
c. Conditional Control Operators

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